ANISAN Technologies Announces New Green IT Course for Professionals

Keeping with all of the training that ANISAN Technologies provides, Director Sandhya Jane announced an expansion of those training courses to now include the new Green IT Course.

Online PR News – 07-June-2013 – Jersey City, NJ – While our digital world keeps on barreling forward, there are many things that cannot and will not be left in our past. Our environment and it's health is critically important to our own. While the switch from physical to digital Businesses have been a positive factor in lessening the footprint of many businesses, the need to continually monitor one's environmental impact, as a business or a person, remains one of the most important issues we remain, in large part, in social agreement upon.

Because of this, company's like ANISAN Technologies, continue to extend the offer of education and management to those who need it the most; our new generations of Business owners and our current professionals that can use refresher information and knowledge on current environmental climates. ANISAN is now offering a new Green IT course for professionals for everyone from your business's most critical analysts to your extended, off-site employees. Any attendees can expect to receive quality training and knowledge regardless of their chosen career path and its relevance to the course. There are several critical elements that class graduates will take away.

ANISAN Technologies New Green IT Course Criteria

Course attendees will learn several vital elements and direct correlations between business management and our environments green needs. These lessons will include highlights that include but are not limited to:

Our Earth's Need for Green Technologies

Laws, Regulations and Guidelines

Telecommuting Issues

Power Management

E Cycling

Software Optimization and Deployment

Innovative Technologies

Financial Cases and Examples for Green Technology

Not only does education on Green technologies expand your personal understanding but your business can also take advantage of the many grants and offers available to those who choose to go green in a long list of ways. These changes can be such simple implementations as adding EPA approved storm windows to save on heating and cooling cost, but there are significant government assigned benefits that can not only reward business owners, but actually assist in purchasing larger green technology methods such as solar paneling, or eco-machinery options.

Other benefits including being branded as a socially and environmentally responsible company. This recognition may have seemed rather smaller and insignificant in our not so distant past, but in the day and age of social networking and instant communications, word-of-mouth digital reviews can be some of the toughest scrutiny businesses have had to stand up to yet in history. With consulting instruction from business insiders like Sandhya Jane, this course shares knowledge on not only green technology issues but provides enhancement for current jobs, helps to ensure better project information sharing and management techniques, and provide all staff with more than the general knowledge about green technologies they may be limited to currently.

When a company like ANISAN Technologies extends this type of educational option to business owners, the ROI that they receive from this reputable and respected source of knowledge can extend all the way up to priceless. The helpful forms of Analysis this type of education can provide is indeed, a priceless commodity. Take the time to register your staff today. For more information please visit at