Five Eagle Scouts Honored at Court of Honor

With more than 100 merit badges and an infinity of good deeds between them, Troop 313’s latest Eagle Scouts beat the odds to enter the ranks of Eagle Scouts.

Online PR News – 07-June-2013 – Clearwater, FL – Five young men and their parents faced a packed room at Delphi Academy of Clearwater this week to be publicly recognized for attaining the rank of Eagle Scout.

Christopher Jeschke, Steve Kirk, John Lumsden, Cole Perry and Damian Pires – all of Clearwater – were applauded for their achievement while their proud parents stood by. All of the Scouts are members of Troop 313, which is chartered by the Church of Scientology, Flag.

To attain this level, the Scouts had to earn a minimum of 21 merit badges, in fields as diverse as Personal Fitness, Citizenship in the World and Communication. Among other requisites, Scouts who want to become Eagle Scouts are required to hold leadership positions within the troop and demonstrate that they live by the principles of the Scout Oath and Law.

Of this group, Steve Kirk has gone on to earn additional merit badges, enough to be awarded “Eagle Palms”. After one has attained the rank of Eagle Scout, if the Scout is not yet 18, he can con
tinue to earn merit badges. After earning 5 such badges, he is awarded a Bronze, Gold or Silver Palm. Mr. Kirk earned all three.

Of additional note, while the average age of an Eagle Scout is 17, John Lumsden completed all of his Eagle Scout requirements by the age of 13. He received final approval as an Eagle Scout just after his 14th Birthday.

Scoutmaster Dr. Steve Lund mentioned the fact that these young men making it to this level was a rare thing, as only 2% of Scouts ever make it to the rank of Eagle Scout. “I am very proud of these young men,” he said. “I remember when they all first came into the program, they were about this high, ready to do their good turn, and look at them now – skilled young men who can apply what they learned and are ready to be successful in life.”

He also cited Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard as an inspiration to their troop. Becoming America’s youngest Eagle Scout at the age of 13, Mr. Hubbard stated that it was the skills that he learned as a Scout that helped him to survive World War II.

“Of all the various information which became important to me,” said Hubbard, “such as photography, woodlore, signaling and many other subjects, the basis of it was laid in Scouting. I am very indebted indeed to a great many, very fine men who gave their time and attention to a restless, boisterous and extremely active boy and teenager, and I must have tried their patience many times, but I never heard of it from them.”

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