Bonsai Jack Announces Featured Products

Bonsai Jack, an American based Bonsai product supplier, has officially announced its featured products on their website

Online PR News – 07-June-2013 – LEHIGH ACRES, FL – Lehigh Acres- FL – Bonsai Jack, an American based Bonsai product supplier, has officially announced its featured products on their website The featured products are their Bonsai Cut Paste, Bonsai Lime Sulfur, and Bonsai Moss Spores which are all fully registered and certified with the proper authorities.

Bonsai Jack’s Bonsai Cut Paste is a grafting and pruning product which is free of synthetic oils and insecticides, automatically sheds and remains flexible when dry. This featured product less expensive than the competitors as it is being sold directly from the manufacturer.

The Bonsai Lime Sulfur (Calcium Polysulfide) is used specifically for bleaching deadwood in the art of Bonsai. This is not a repackaged pesticide as seen with other products. The shelf life of this product is guaranteed for one year, although the actual shelf life may be extended to three or more years if not places in direct light or heat.

The Niigata Bonsai Moss Spores help create a bright green layer for the landscape. In addition the product is easy to use, and no special sterilizing is required. The fast acting product thrives in full sun, does not have any additional additives required and does not contain fillers. The moss spores are responsibly harvested and cover between two and six square feet, which is significantly more than the competition.

Bonsai Jack’s recent announcement has generated a significant amount of interest within the industry about these as well as other products. The announcement also informed those who are interested about the different pricing and packaging options available. Bonsai Jack sells these and other products individually, as combo packs, and as a bulk wholesale package.

For those who are in purchasing the Bonsai Cut Paste, the Bonsai Lime Sulfur or the Bonsai Moss Spores, or for those looking for more information visit their website at

About the Company

Bonsai Jack is an American based supplier of bonsai products and accessories which are proudly produced in Florida, USA. The company is fully registered, licensed and accredited with the proper authorities, and are dedicated to providing customers with unique products for Bonsai’s at a lower price than their competitors.

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