First of its kind breakthrough Spy Phone Software released for Android devices

Offline Spy phone that enables monitoring of a Target Device without Internet or dependency on a third party service.

Online PR News – 06-June-2013 – Rio De Janerio – RedBrickSecurity a Hi-Tech security company has released a first of its kind SpyPhone for Android devices. The Android Spy Phone is unique by means of its independence from Internet related services. The Android Spy Phone or cBlaster is a Live Spy phone that does not require the Internet to operate. Monitoring can be done by simply calling the Target Device instead of waiting for uploads via the Internet to be made available on an online panel.

Currently all Spy Phone applications in the market need Internet to be enabled on the Target Device to monitor Calls, Room Conversations, SMS, GPS Location, etc. cBlaster Spy Phone for android is independent of internet or any third party services. A user is able to monitor voice conversations, SMS and GPS Location by dialing into the phone or getting the SMS & Location data via SMS.

cBlaster can convert any existing off-the-shelf Android device into a Spy Phone by install software which takes 10 seconds to be installed. Once the software is installed on the Target Device simply walk away and send SMS to configure the features. No hardware tweaking or dependency on third party services such as 3G/4G or External Servers is required in this application.

cBlaster Spy Phone is an advanced piece of software since it is able to control the backlight of the device and gain access to the telephony module of the device with Admin Control. The marvel of the product is that it is able to achieve this without rooting of the device. Competitor software requires “rooting” of the Android device in order to gain access to such features. Despite rooting of the device no other company or technology is able to master the backlight and Telephony subsystems of the device.

The Spy Phone market is going to shift its focus on the cBlaster Android Spy Phone since this is the first of its breakthrough made in years. At this point the complete market is focused on building of Internet based applications to gather data from the phone or perform recording. This game-changing product will disrupt the industry into innovation instead of rut of “copy and paste”.

RedBrickSecurity spokeswoman Claire Red commented that it took them 2 years to develop and over 3 months to test the application on all Android Devices. As of now the application is available for sale to the public.

She is quick to point out that this application is susceptible to being attacked by hackers and that they are taking all available precautions to defend their intellectual property. Most of the spy phone vendors in the market place don’t list their phone number and mailing address, which makes it very difficult to track down such “hacker companies”. Incidentally that also a major reason for fraud in this industry and she implores customers to be wary of other companies making similar claims to request for a demo before purchasing.

RedBrickSecurity offers a demo of all it’s products and actively promotes a free spy phone software download so that customers are sure of what they are buying.

Claire Red