Japhet Berlin Creates Project Aid to Ease Philanthropic Giving

Fifteen Development founder and CEO, Japhet Berlin, creates Project Aid, a project management template to ease philanthropic giving in third world nations in need.

Online PR News – 06-June-2013 – Seattle – Bend, OR, June 06, 2013 -- ProjectAid, is being introduced as a philanthropic aid program and project management platform. ProjectAid is a formalized set of methodologies and tools to provide philanthropic aid to foreign micro-economies, making it easier to provide direct aid to regions in need. Fifteen Management Consulting Group founder, Japhet Berlin seeks to provide interoperable solutions to foreign aid programs, and announced the launch of his ProjectAid program at Fifteen Development Group, a high end business think tank, startup incubation, business development and program management, and recruiting firm focused on technology projects for Global 2000 firms.

ProjectAid is the vision of Fifteen Development Group founder, Japhet Berlin. Berlin started ProjectAid after managing his own philanthropic efforts to provide aid in the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and areas of Africa and Asia.

His first project was delivering school supplies, soccer balls, medical aid items and athletic shoes to a village in the Dominican Republic. “The logistics of getting national and local permission to produce the project, ship donated goods and aid, and distribute them to the children of the Dominican Republic turned out to be extremely challenging,” said Berlin. “I know other entrepreneurs who want to give back to regions in need, and realized that my experience could be built into a program management methodology consisting of essential tools for these types of philanthropic ventures.“

Berlin developed ProjectAid as a set of project tools to aid in the advancement of continued Philanthropic actions that can assist those entrepreneurs who are not familiar with aid activities to other countries. “Giving-back shouldn’t be difficult,” said Berlin. “When we give to larger organizations, we don’t know where our money goes. By digging into the details, we can ensure we maximize the benefit of our resources, leverage the good will of complimentary companies, while directly connecting with the people in need.”

For one African aid project, Berlin points out the generosity of major logistics companies and footwear suppliers, but also the difficulty in bringing the two together to bring aid to kids in need. “Getting a ‘Yes,’ from a footwear supplier to be involved with a project, didn’t translate into getting them to work with the shipper who was willing to deliver the aid products,” said Berlin. “Passionate communication of needs was taking the bulk of my time. In the end, more tactical solutions were needed to complete projects. I realized the problem that needed to be solved was to convert generosity to a series of actionable steps in a project plan.”

That is where the project started for Berlin. While ProjectAid is an ongoing program, it will incorporate more data and knowledge as time goes on. Entrepreneurs and key business executives can by contact Japhet Berlin directly through the Fifteen Development Group at Japhet@smartcardhealth.com; or Japhet@fifteendev.com

About Japhet Berlin:
Japhet Berlin is the founder of Fifteen Management Consulting Group, Fifteen Development Group, co-founder of MyHomeAssets.com, and CEO of SmartCardHealth.com. Mr. Berlin can be reached via E-mail at Japhet@smartcardhealth.com

About Fifteen Development Group:
Fifteen Development Group (“Fifteen”) is a strategic business think tank, incubation, program management, recruiting, and venture firm. Fifteen specializes in leading difficult, multi-million dollar projects for Global 2000 firms. The firm is currently working on a major telecommunication project and several healthcare technology initiatives with municipalities and government agencies in Africa, Asia, and the USA. The firm’s websites can be found at http://smartcardhealth.com, and http://myhomeassets.com.

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