American Beauty Tools Introduces New Industrial Soldering Stations

A new line of industrial-grade soldering stations that combine high thermal capacity with adjustable tip temperatures to optimize joint quality is being introduced by American Beauty Soldering Tools of Clawson, Michigan.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – Clawson/MI – Everybody is familiar with a traditional soldering station, however American Beauty's take on the product is changing how people think about this tool. Traditionally, soldering stations have focused on fast ramp-up and precise temperature control. American Beauty Tools expertise is in heavy-duty soldering irons and they have incorporated their talents into their new line of industrial soldering station. The heart of every soldering iron and soldering station is the heating element. The vast majority of heating elements being used today are built around a ceramic core, because they are cheap and good for fast temperature ramp-up. However, this design falls short when consistent heat is needed over a longer time frame. The heating elements at the core of American Beauty's solder stations are compression wound around a steel spool, creating a reservoir of heat that is second to none. The end result is less time waiting for your station to recover and more time getting the job done!

American Beauty's V36G series of industrial soldering stations are compact, bench top units with detachable stands and dross collection sponges that provide adjustable tip temperatures from 175° to 1100°F. Featuring Ni-chrome compression wound heating elements, 100% encased in steel, and iron clad copper soldering iron tips to ensure long life with optimal heat transfer, they provide quick recovery times for soldering multiple joints and overcoming high heat sinking properties. The higher than average temperatures that these stations achieve make them perfectly suited for heat-sinks and lead-free applications.

Permitting the higher temperatures required by lead-free solders and lower temperatures to save energy during work breaks, American Beauty V36G Series Soldering Stations provide adjustability based upon a percentage of output. Models with 20, 40, and 60 Watt power and 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4 inch diameter tips, respectively, are available with chisel, diamond, and conical soldering iron tip shape. List prices start at $162.00.

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