A new Access in Migration Resaerch

Young scientist Vera Junge (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover) focuses on a promising topic in her dissertation “Internal Migration in Thailand and Vietnam”.

Online PR News – 06-June-2013 – Goetingen – by Julia Pfroetschner - OPTIMUS Redaktion
In the last years the issue of migration has become increasingly popular in the academic field. Migration research is one of the dominant topics in interdisciplinary studies. In this context, especially international migration is most notably and constantly studied. The description and analysis of cross-border migration movements are quite well practiced in academic surroundings. An area which received less consideration in the past is internal migration. However, the phenomenon of flows of migration within nations holds a lot of potential and possibilities for research.
Young scientist Vera Junge from the department of economic geography at the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz University Hannover focuses on this promising topic in her dissertation “Internal Migration in Thailand and Vietnam”. Based on empirical data she examines the interesting question, how internal migration is interlinked with the national, regional, and local economy in Thailand and Vietnam. Therefore, Junge points out certain research gaps in the field of migration and breaks fresh ground in this domain.
According to that, her work touches three areas of migration research: notable patterns of migration over time, the migration decision in a multilevel perspective and the preconditions and consequences of return migration. Along these lines, the explanation and analysis of spatial patterns, multilevel determinants, and internal return are key objectives of the book.
In addition to the approach of human geography, Junge takes into account a political and sociological perspective as well. She highlights the importance of the individual and regional impact on migration and exemplarily shows the specific development in the South-East Asian nations Thailand and Vietnam. Empirical results used by Vera Junge indicate a “polarization reversal trend” in both countries. As a result of growing urbanization in Thailand and Vietnam, flows of migration increasingly move away from agglomerations like Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi to more regional destinations. In a multilevel perspective, Junge contemplates the effects of internal migration on economic and socio-economic development.
In the context of globalization and incessantly transforming patterns and trends of migration, Junge’s work provides an illuminating, current insight into the topic. The dissertation sets itself apart from other academic treatise in migration research and gives answers to questions discounted in the past.

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