New Project for Wholesale and Retail VoIP Market Released

A new project for wholesale and retail VoIP Market has recently been released to help clients test VoIP routes efficiently and effectively.

Online PR News – 06-June-2013 – Riga – The new project’s service allows users to test VoIP routes which include the QoS, performance, connection quality and bandwidth. VoIP testing tools are vital in giving users an accurate picture of how their IP telephony service really works. With the use of this new revolutionary VoIP testing device, users can see the accurate picture of how IP service works.

Most users utilize the internet when transporting voice between two lines. VoIP telephony serves as a converter of vocal data into digital packets. This is made to transmit this converted vocal data through the web. Generally, a VoIP system consists of elements that enable telephony to become ergonomic and convenient to use. There are many communication problems that are commonly rooted from the service provider and the user’s computer. With this, they can make use of VoIP service testing tools in order to troubleshoot problems.

TVR services include testing schedule, fax support, CLI support and mobile client application. This VoIP service testing tool offers users opportunity to perform their tests any time. It is designed to meet the demand of areas with a large time difference. As it offers fax support, users can check the availability of the new project’s fax service on any route. The CLI support of this project is soon to be released, allowing users to validate the transfer of ANI to the route of their choice. Users can also install TVR mobile application on their iOS-based devices to enable them to carry out tests anytime and anywhere they want.

As said, TVR project was facilitated by two big companies in the telecommunications industry. Company IXC approved to make this project possible to help not only the financial entities and programmers in the market, but also the people who are engaged in contract signing, decision-making and who have work directly with their clients. Together with Flames Group of Companies, they created a unique product that has no competitors yet in the telecommunication market. They pioneered TVR project that is generally easy to use, has high operating speed and offers 24/7 technical support. Users do not need to buy additional hardware or software in order to make use of this new project.

Contact person: Slava Belozerov
City: Riga
Country: Latvia
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