'Australia Wide' by Tommy Roberts is Now Available to Download

Leading US music expert 'Dr Gene' of Foley Entertainment Inc. once confirmed, "Tommy’s songs are of the highest level..."

Online PR News – 06-June-2013 – Perth, Western Australia – Tommy Roberts’ personal life story is not ordinary. It is marked by circumstance, irony and contradictions. His mother was a critically acclaimed Australian poet who died prematurely at the age of only thirty-eight. She had separated from his father (pathologist, scholar and musician) when Tommy was a baby. She had left her husband with Tommy dribbling on her arm for a life in the burgeoning Sydney literary and arts world of the mid 1960's. Here she met her second husband the successful now New York based Australian artist, David Rankin. The couple had a daughter (Tommy’s half-sister) after which the young family spent time in the UK as guests of England's Poet Laureate, Ted Hughes.

During and then after his mother’s death in 1979, Tommy lived between boarding schools and the home of Rankin and his new wife, Australian music industry personality and writer, Lily Brett. Rankin and Brett had first met while Brett was writing an article on Tommy’s dying mother for a national newspaper. Within weeks of her demise they were living together and were soon married.

Brett had been the feature writer for Go-Set, the first and most renowned Australian pop music newspaper. She had spent ‘The Summer Of Love’ (1967) in London & America interviewing luminaries of the rock/pop world and went on to host her own national music TV show. Suffice to say, if a lucky connection could be forged to fast track the career of an aspiring young singer/songwriter then it could hardly get more fortuitous than having Brett as your new step-mother.

Tommy Roberts anticipating conjecture remarked, "I’m pushing fifty, I drive a bus and I’m finally releasing my first EP. Does that sound like an inside job?"

Id wind the cars rear window down a little to catch the balmy night air on my face. It smacked of mystery. I liked the ephemerality of the open road and the softly illuminated colours of the cars dark interior. There was a romance a simple magic to it. I wrote my song Thursday Night (Australia Wide) hoping to convey a sense of that magic

Tommy explains that his relationship with his estranged family, didn’t work out. After leaving boarding school at the age of seventeen he was out on his own. Period.

Roberts clarifies, "If you want to know more about that part of my life you’ll need to convince a publisher to give me an advance to help me finish my manuscript, © A Telling Respite & Other Stories. Further to that I'm not interested in getting into it."

'Australia Wide' represents a sample from Tommy’s extensive repertoire of original songs and is well worth a listen. The title song Thursday Night (Australia Wide) is a salute to Australia’s tradition of late night shopping where trading hours are extended on Thursday nights in cities and larger towns across Australia. Tommy recalls that when he was a young boy his family would sometimes go out on a Thursday night.

Roberts remembers, "I'd wind the car's rear window down a little to catch the balmy night air on my face. It smacked of mystery. I liked the ephemerality of the open road and the softly illuminated colours of the car's dark interior. There was a romance, a simple magic to it. I wrote my song, Thursday Night (Australia Wide) hoping to convey a sense of that magic."

'Thursday Night' and songs such as 'Get West' Now available as a FREE Download, 'Lonely Nights', 'Blind Fury' and 'I Imagine You With Me' have an adventurous, refreshingly simple and unique Australian Country Pop Music quality or feel. Tommy’s song 'Beijing' with its deft, somewhat esoteric lyrics and rich acoustic guitar (Roberts' chords being plucked by Jeff Severson) is more the stuff of high caliber Singer/Songwriter genre (N.B. 'Beijing' is now removed from the EP and released as a Single). Then there’s the lyrically adroit, 'Cool To My Drama'. It’s a striking song that might potentially inhabit genres ranging from Alternative to Jazz through to Cabaret. The final song on this short album is, 'A Good Love'. It's a smooth song with an easy going appeal. Have a listen.

'Australia Wide' by Tommy Roberts is worth purchasing. It’s an eclectic albeit tidy sample of his work that’s good for niche radio or personal consumption. Art enthusiasts may be equally interested to view his multimedia work or listen to his song demos and determine for themselves whether they consider Tommy Roberts to be an authentic and valuable artist in his own right.

Roberts concludes, "For the more abstractly inclined, I recommend checking out stuff like my amateur music video, AGAIN ...".

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Tommy Roberts is an independent Australian singer/songwriter and multimedia artist. He has been writing songs for more than twenty years. His 2013 release, 'Australia Wide' is produced by Jeff Severson and features seven songs (previously eight) from an extensive repertoire of original work. You can follow him on social media, find out more about his work and download a free song at his artist website located at: www.tommyroberts.org