US Laboratory Solves 13,000 Km Fiber Optic Cable Transmission Signal Distortion Problem

The U.S Bell Lab has developed a new method that can significanty solve the transmission signal distortion problem of fiber optic cables used for long distance up to 13,000km, data rate of 400G/s, which have ever been considered impossible.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – Shenzhen – According to China Defense Science and Technology Information Network Report, the U.S Bell labs researchers have developed a method that can significantly reduce the long distance optical transmission signal distortion problem. The research result have been published in "Nature Photonics" magazine, indicate it can make the fiber optic cable to transmit more digital signal traffic in the long distance.

Compared with the copper wires, fiber optical cable transfer signals faster because it uses light as the medium, unlike the electricity, the resistance is less, this makes fiber optic cable transmit more digital signals, however, the price is higher. As the result of using light as the transmission medium, the signal is more subject to the distortion effects, so optical amplifier and signal corrector are needed for long-distance transmission, such as the submarine transmission cable between Australia and Asia. This study can solve the distortion problem of signal transmission up to 13,000km, with rate of 400G/S, which has been for a long time considered to be unattainable.

The researchers took a new and ingenious ways to solve the problem of signal interference, which can transmit mutually compensable dual signals in the fiber optic cable. When one signal is interfered, the other would not been affected, in the receiving end, the two signals overlay and compensate for the missing data. By this way, the distortion will be reduced for at least 8.5dB.
Reducing the distortion in optical distance between two points may not lead to faster communication, but the optical flow has been increased. New method does not require fiber optic amplifiers and signals corrector, dramatically reducing the cable laying and maintenance costs, especially for submarine deployment, this is also particular important for the geographically isolated countries such as Australia.

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