Memphis Plantar Fasciitis Foot Pain and Heel Pain Relief from Good Feet Arch Supports

Good Feet, an international manufacturer and retailer of custom-fitted arch supports, announced its foot pain relief process focusing on reducing Plantar Fasciitis foot pain and heel pain for Memphis customers.

Online PR News – 04-June-2013 – Memphis, TN – The Memphis plantar fasciitis foot pain relief process provides each customer with personal bio-mechanical balancing and measuring. The customer’s primary activities and shoe style preferences are also taken into consideration prior to being personally fitted with arch supports that can provide them with the ultimate comfort, balance and support.

Good Feet Memphis offers a non-medical solution to relieving foot pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis through arch supports, insoles and cushions. As an alternative to expensive or even painful medical visits, customers have found immediate relief from foot pain, heel pain, back pain and plantar fasciitis in Memphis through the use of the Good Feet arch supports.

Good Feet Memphis heel pain products are designed to support all four of the foot’s arches, which makes the personal fitting process so important. Through better arch support, a person’s body weight can be more evenly distributed, which maximizes stability and balance. The Good Feet Memphis foot pain relief products are also designed to reduce pressure and eliminate foot pain, knee pain and even back pain.

“Most Memphis Good Feet customers are looking for foot pain relief; relief from plantar fasciitis, heel pain, bunions, and neuromas. In Memphis plantar fasciitis is a problem for dynamic, busy individuals,” says Brian Vinsonhaler, store owner. “Our products are made for foot pain relief and comfort.”

Foot pain can cause great difficulty and discomfort in many lives and in many different forms, but fortunately, Good Feet has always been a step ahead in foot research. Sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis may now join other satisfied customers in relief from this debilitating condition.

Good Feet’s deluxe leather footwear offers a firm eight inches of foam which focus on supporting all four arches of the foot, giving equal pressure and stress to all parts of the foot, and giving relief to the taxed Plantar Fascia and giving the wearer a little more relief as well. Though this does not offer a cure to the condition, it still comes as good news to the millions of sufferers of this form of foot pain.

Stop into the Good Feet Memphis store, or visit their website at

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Local: (901) 757-7765
Store Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 9:30am – 6pm
Sunday: Closed


About Good Feet

Headquartered in Carlsbad, Calif., Good Feet operates approximately 100 franchises throughout the United States as well as retail locations in Canada, Puerto Rico, the UK, Kuwait and distributorships in Korea. For more information about Good Feet, call (763) 777-5361.


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