Unrefined Argan Oil Obtains Astounding Customer Reviews

Unrefined Argan Oil is presently taking its waves in the cosmetics business. This incredible product got a 5-star testimonial from amazon. co. uk. Permit's see what users claim regarding the product.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – London/KEW GARDENS – The ‘liquid gold’ from the Berber tribe of Morocco is currently taking its waves in the cosmetics industry. A lot of users claimed the effectiveness of this organic product after several weeks of use. This amazing product Unrefined Argan oil received a 5-star review from amazon.co.uk.

One of the customers stated, “I bought this oil based on a friend's recommendation, she said this oil will restore my damaged hair (I had split ends, breakage, dry hair) - so I took her advice to try this product out... But to my surprise, after using this product for a week, I have really seen a dramatic change to my hair, the result is perfectly soft and healthy, shiny hair.” She also added, “this oil is pure and not perfumed like other major brands. I just apply a little to my hair and it absorbs well into my hair. It's been a great find and I will definitely recommend this oil to anyone who has damaged hair.”

Another client’s review revealed, “…this is exactly what I have to say; This is remarkable to assist in minimizing wrinkle lines around the lips and eyes… More importantly, i would leave you with one suggestion, just try this product and you will be certain that you have bought a 'good product'.”

The Moroccan Argan oil is naturally processed by traditional method of extraction, the same line of technique used by the Berber women hundreds of years ago. Now, the Argan oil is offering benefits that may be applied directly by the customers. Its skin nutritive value makes it an important addition to other beauty products.

This Southern Moroccan oil has a wide array of use primarily due to its reach content of essential fatty acids and related vitamins. Pure Argan oil contains extremely rich amount of Vitamin A and E. The oil’s essential fatty acids include linoleic acid, omega 9 and 6, and unsaturated fatty acids. Argan oil’s tocopherol amount exceeds that of the olive oil by twice as much. The nutrients the oil contains give boost to the skin’s regenerative process. It hydrates the skin. The oil reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It can also be used as treatment for skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, and chickenpox. Its hair application can produce shiny and bright hair the next morning when used overnight. Argan oil penetrates the hands and nails while giving it nourishment.

SheaLite’s Unrefined Argan Oil is 100% Unrefined Argan oil that is cold pressed straight from Ecocert certified women of Morocco country. The product makes available multiple benefits to the skin and hair and has no foul smell. The oil is a long lasting moisturizer, absorbed by the skin fast, and is non greasy.