Voxvalley to Participate in CommunicAsia 2013

One of the big names in VoIP, Voxvalley Technologies has confirmed its participation in CommunicAsia 2013

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh – Hyderabad, India, June 4, 2013 – Voxvalley Technologies, a Singapore based leading VoIP solution provider company has confirmed its participation in one of the most biggest events to be held in Asia - The "CommunicAsia 2013". Being a top ranked company in the field Voxvalley's participation towards the event was confirmed by Mr. Sajjan Mallik, the CEO of the company.

Held from the 18th to the 21st of Feb 2013, the event is one of the biggest communication & tech based events to happen all over Asia. Following a string of product launches and numerous well versed software updates Voxvalley is surely set to bring out a lot more new products with various advancements and strides in the field of communication technology. Few of the products that will be on display are - "MoSIP", "Vox PC", "Vox Switch", "Vox Bridge", "Vox Con", "Vox Suite", "Vox Host" to name a few. The most anticipated among them being the "Vox PC", "Vox Switch" and "MoSIP" since upgrades and advancement in them have placed them in a superior level in comparison to other companies and their products.

Mr. Sajjan Mallik the CEO of Voxvalley said, "Our developers are continuously growing in terms of advancement, fixing and upgrading of the application are almost done on a regular bases leading to better versions of the apps and even newer technologies altogether. At this event we will host out a few of our new products which is the result of a lot of testing and ideas put together by us. Our upgrades though, in Vox PC and Vox Switch are definitely something which will interest everyone.

Voxvalley Technologies is using this platform as a medium to showcase its range of product and the large scale improvements that have taken place over a short span of time.

About Voxvalley Technologies
Voxvalley Technologies was formed in 2010 by Mr. Sajjan Mallik an enthusiast towards the field of VoIP. Voxvalley Technologies is a versatile technological corporation and leading provider of customized VoIP products and solutions well known all over the globe. Being named as a 'Top Provider of Voice and Communication Solutions' with some of its leading brands like MoSIP, Vox PC, Vox IM, Vox Suite, Vox Con, Vox Bridge and Vox Switch, Voxvalley has managed to engrave its name into the VoIP Communication Industry. Headquartered in Singapore, with its R&D center in Hyderabad, India, Voxvalley is known for its excellence in technology-leveraged products and client-focused services. The company continually demonstrates outstanding achievement in the communication field focusing on high-quality, cost-efficient VoIP products.