Digital Forensic Examiner Data Export Function Updated With New Formats

The release is to notify all readers and users of MailXaminer tool about updation done within the technique and procedure data export after analysis performed under this digital forensic examiner tool.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – New York City, NY – New York City, New York, June 4, 2013: - One of the finest software developers in the industry has let out this release to notify readers all around regarding digital forensic examiner application and the upgradation it recently underwent. According to the recent updates, it is discovered that MailXaminer application was lately analyzed for upgradations and was also updated successfully with a new data export format file. The introduction of TIFF format file was done in order to help users store image or graphics based data separately as the respective file format specializes in image formatting and storage.

Reportedly, updating the software involved expert supervision provisioned from Lab Development Team Director, Product Development Department Director, and other technical department superiors. Basically, the updation was innovated, initiated, and accomplished by the lab team members along with product development team.

Evan Swans, Director of Product Development was quoted as giving the following statement regarding updation of digital forensic examiner program ( ): “There are presently a wide number of applications available in the industry that render analysis of email messages due to the rise in cyber crime experienced. We have developed our application to offer successfully safe forensic evidence collection and analysis. The absolutely convenient service of these facilities has made our email examiner program on of the best digital forensic examiner tool ( ) available in the industry. This widespread industry keeps on upgrading with advanced range of applications hence, to keep up with the development we had to make sure that our MailXaminer application is up to date and serves perfect digital data analysis with other services. Resultantly we upgraded the tool in such a manner that it started giving out option for storing the examined data in TIFF format for image storage purpose. Meanwhile, we made sure that other facilities of program worked either as smoothly as ever or only gets developed along with the upgradation but, doesn’t degrade.”