Oldstocks.com Features Extremely Rare Autographed Stock Certificate, Issued to and Hand Signed By Ber

Oldstocks.com features extremely rare autographed stock certificate, issued to and hand signed by Bernard L Madoff. Oldstocks.com is a highly reliable online store that sells highly valuable old stocks and bonds.

Online PR News – 01-June-2010 – – Mechanicsville VA - Lately, people show an increasing interest in collecting old stocks and bonds. This hobby is called Scripophily. These stocks and bonds are collected not for their financial value but they are valued by the collector as financial art or collectible. One of the extremely rare autographed stock certificate is Madoff stock certificate. This stock certificate was issued in 1972 to Bernard L Madoff’s personal account and endorsed through signature on the back. This autographed Bernard L Madoff stock certificate is available at Oldstocks.com. This is the only company selling this rarest collection of antique stock. This is 100% genuine Madoff stock certificate. Expert collectors will immediately recognize the value of this rare stock certificate.
Madoff stock certificate sold by Oldstocks.com was issued much before the Madoff Ponzi scam which affected many people. This particular stock certificate shows the personal stock trading habits of Bernard Madoff prior to Bernard Madoff the scandal. The scandal revolved round Madoff’s false electronic trading whereby no real stock certificates were used to document transactions or trades. This is one of the most desirable collectible. Oldstocks.com is the only website on the internet that is in possession of genuine rare Madoff stock certificate that is endorsed by Madoff himself.
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