Romar Supply Moves Into 116,000 SF Facility In Irving TX And Provides.......

Romar Supply Inc offers a new, modern and well-equipped facility located in Irving, Texas.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – Reno, NV – Romar Supply Moves Into 116,000 SF Facility In Irving TX And Provides Extensive Pipe Fittings Selection

Irving TX, 04-JUNE-2013 - Romar Supply, Inc are pleased to announce that three North Texas facilities have been combined in order to provide more efficient storage, handling and shipping activities for the area of North Texas. Pipe fittings and pipe valves are available in various sizes from the inventory on site. Romar Supply has become a rapidly expanding family-owned wholesaler for PVC products and custom fabricated steel.

The new, 116,000 sq. Ft. Facility, located in Irving, Texas, gives employees the ability to take care of handling and storing all pipe indoors. It has an large and efficient crane overhead that makes moving heavy materials easy. The unit spans the entire length of the facility.

Romar Supply began in 1983 as a plumbing and industrial supply house. In the mid 80s, Romar became a full-service industrial supply house serving manufacturers, boiler plants, OEMs, and process piping plants. From the late 80s to early 90s, Romar took on the mechanical and HVAC market, and by the late 90s, the majority of the firm's focus was on supplying mechanical contractors and process piping contractors.

With the death in 1998 of Roy Adair, the company obtained certification as a WBE, HUB and DBE entity. As a certified woman-owned business enterprise approaching the 20th anniversary, it is sizable enough to handle customers' needs, yet small enough to remain flexible and respond quickly to customers' needs.

In the mid 2000s, Romar added the capacity to provide fabricated steel products and a steel fabrication operation in 2008. Romar's focus became mechanical pipe, pipe valves, pipe fittings, and steel fabrication. Their experience and expertise allows them to make a wide variety of items, including challen supports, strut clamps, expansion joints and hangers. Customized items, include fabricated sleeves, roll hangers, and steel pipe support pieces for special needs, as well as grooved systems and fabricated skip units.

In 2010, Romar opened a branch at San Antonio to supply south and central areas of the State, and in 2012, Romar 3 locations were consolidated in North Texas to produce a more efficiently operated establishment. The coverage area for the firm extends over parts of Oklahoma and much of Texas. It employs more than 60 workers.

The company goal is to provide assistance to clients and customers by providing for all steel fabrication and PVC needs through a single wholesale distributor, and to move into additional markets that rely on products needing fabrication. Romar maintains a complete inventory of products from the best known manufacturers worldwide, including Gruvlok, Watts, Sharpe, Crane, Elkhart, Weldbend, Spears and others.

Learn more about the new facility and the history of the firm by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the content of this press release are encouraged to contact Mark Adair at the location provided below.

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