Zen Bedrooms to Diversify Foam Mattress Line

Zen Bedrooms to diversify foam mattress line with new line of cool gel mattresses.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – Jackson, WY – Zen Bedrooms has decided to diversify their foam mattress line with a new range of ‘cool gel’ mattresses. The decision is based on the result of a successful promotion that was conducted by Zen Bedrooms over the last month. The promotion offered customers a chance to upgrade their Luxury Memory Foam Mattress, already considered by many to be the best memory foam mattress, with a new upgrade option for a ‘cool gel’ model. The promotion was aimed at discovering if consumers would respond well to a new type of mattress model, one that would build on their already successful best foam mattress. The experiment has proven highly successful. The Luxury Memory Foam Mattress by Zen Bedrooms has already been highly successful, with many customers claiming it is the best memory foam mattress on the market. The promotion shed light onto the fact that though many already feel the mattress is the best memory foam mattress, there is room for improved and diversified models.

The promotion is part of a continued effort by Zen Bedrooms to recognize customer needs and improve on their highly regarded best foam mattress. Zen Bedrooms recognizes that while one mattress may be the best foam mattress for one, it might be uncomfortable for another. This thought especially rang true when Zen Bedrooms polled customers for thoughts on their best memory foam mattress. The results were enlightening and gave them reason to believe that it is possible to improve on the best mattress for back pain by adding a few key features.

One issue the company hopes to improve upon is the heat retention of their best foam mattress. According to their poll, 10% of customers found that though the Luxury Memory Foam Mattress was considered the best mattress for back pain, it was far also considered by many far too hot for a comfortable night’s sleep. In response, Zen Bedrooms has launched a new line of ‘cool gel’ mattresses that will be as comfortable and therapeutic as their best memory foam mattress, the Luxury Memory Foam Mattress, but with a cooling gel foam layer. The hope is that the 10% who find the luxury model too hot can still enjoy the best mattress for back pain with the addition of a cool and comfortable top layer.