GAIM International Invites Gordon 'Grant' Curtis to Speak at Monaco Conference

Veteran portfolio manager Gordon "Grant" Curtis will address the highly acclaimed GAIM International audience with Investment Highlights.

Online PR News – 01-June-2010 – – New York, Monaco And Ticino, Switzerland, May 31, 2010 -- Gordon "Grant" Curtis, executive director and portfolio manager for CI Investments of Ticino, Switzerland, ( ) will be presenting at the GAIM International Investment Conference in Monaco on single family office strategies for capitalizing on energy-related opportunities and socially responsible investments. Mr. Curtis has lead CI to rank in the top performance percentile for 4 of the past 5 years by combining unique financial structures with proven risk aversion techniques.

CI Investments, ( ) a single-family office under the third party executive management led by investment veteran Gordon "Grant" Curtis, with asset allocation up to one (1) billion euros, continues on as one of the best portfolio performers across all asset classes. In addition to opportunistic contract market strategies, Mr. Curtis scours the planet for individual private equity transactions using merchant banking deal structure.

With over 30 years of history in the investment banking community, Mr. Curtis continues to transform his prior experience with macro views of key economic growth drivers. Having avoided serious performance setbacks in the challenging years of 2008-2009, Mr. Curtis has led CI using simple principles in a complex manner. He leads the office with a day-to-day management style that most other single family offices have not achieved.

GAIM International's event in Monaco, known in the industry as the largest gathering of its type, has solicited Mr. Curtis to specifically address socially responsible aspects to investing and how it can be integrated without sacrificing return. In addition to his individual presentation, he will be a panelist on energy and energy-related opportunities across the globe.

"I've spoken at a lot of conferences to the institutional investment community and this is the largest single event of each year that one can participate in and learn a lot more than at any other event. GAIM has done a marvelous job of assembling a top-notch team of presenters with high net worth and other large institutional investors from across the world at this annual mega-event," stated Mr. Curtis.

The week of June 14th, Monaco will have some of the wealthiest visitors from around the world attend this conference and exchange ideas and opportunities in a way no other gathering can do.

Press Contact:
Jay Tipton, Publicist
CI Investments Management Company
Ticino, Switzerland