Women Tired of B.S. in Dating Can Now Unsingle Themselves in 30 Days

Single Women Can Now Find Mr. Right in 30 Days

Online PR News – 01-June-2010 – – Dallas, TX- With the singles population increasingly becoming women in their 30’s, it’s no surprise that a lot of them are just dejected and depressed that they will never find Mr. Right. In walks Shay Banks, The No B.S. Specialist, a Dating Coach devoted to helping single women all over the world to find love in no time flat.

Banks, author of several e-books and love workbooks, officially launched her dating website in March 2010 because she knew there was a need for women to end their self-imposed loneliness and find Mr. Right.

“Some women who are single and don’t want to be, believe they have two choices: be single and miserable or date any guy, no matter how incompatible,” Banks says matter-of-factly. “There are lots of good single men out there looking for long lasting committed relationships. Maybe they can’t see you because you’re busy living out your ‘woe is me’ story.”

With the success of her Free Report, 5 Crucial Mistakes Single Women Make that Keeps them Single, Banks has learned that this deep rooted fear of never getting married is running rampant amongst women in their late 20’s to their late 30’s.

With the company slogan of, A Good Man is Easy to Find, Banks believes that if women take the right steps and fully commit to finding love, it will happen faster than they can believe. To support that belief, The No B.S. Specialist is launching an interactive program July 2010 titled Unsingle Yourself in 30 Days. In this program, women will learn:

1. The 4 magical steps to finding love
2. The 3 biggest culprits that are keeping you single
3. How to get what you want without compromising your standards
4. How to read a man’s verbal and nonverbal communication

“If women stop creating a story of ‘there are no good men’ or ‘I’ll be single forever’ what they will find is that there are more than enough available, successful, and unattached men, just around the corner. What’s even better, they’re waiting on an awesome chick like you to steal their heart.”

To receive a copy of the Free Report, 5 Crucial Mistakes Single Women Make that Keep them Single, visit http://shaybanks.net/promo. For more information on the upcoming program, Unsingle Yourself in 30 Days, visit http://shaybanks.net/promo/unsingle. To contact Shay, email: info@shaybanks.com.