Dignity Foundation dedicated a day called “Companionship Carnival” for senior citizens

Dignity Foundation, a leading NGO that serves senior citizens, hosted a daylong event titled CAMPANIONSHIP CARNIVAL to promote social networking amongst senior citizens.

Online PR News – 04-June-2013 – Mumbai – Mumbai, 3rd June 2013: Dignity Foundation, a leading NGO that serves senior citizens, hosted a daylong event titled CAMPANIONSHIP CARNIVAL to promote social networking amongst senior citizens. The event was conducted to help senior citizens to find friends and partners for life-long companionship. The event took place on Saturday, June 1st, 2013, at Tejpall Hall , Grant Road. The event started with nostalgic interactive games such as Lagori, Sakhali, KhoKho, Gilli Danda which transported them to their childhood era and help them open up and relax. Some senior citizens also sang songs which made a refreshing start.

The event was followed by a lively debate on the topic “Live-In partnership as the upcoming trend amongst senior citizens”. The provocative topic was debated by celebrity anchors like Renuka Shahane, Siddharth Kak and Dolly Thakore. Visitors to the event also got a chance to express their views and ask questions on the same.

Tanuja Mukherjee famous Indian film actress stated, “In my family our grandparents successfully instilled in all of us care and respect for elders. Four years ago when I met Dignity Foundation who were practically implementing these ideals, I gave my consent to be their Brand Ambassador. Ever since I have been stunned in event after event senior’s creativity, courage and confidence to express their inner selves.

Dr. Sheilu Sreenivasan, Founder & President of Dignity Foundation says, “The Intellectual calibre of the panel contributed to very huge level of discussion. Senior citizens really stunned us with their progressive outlook and exercised a total freedom to express their genuine feelings of loneliness and therefore the need for companionship”

Dolly Thakore said that, Dignity Foundation has ushered in a revolution of sorts by creating this platform for openly expressing without fear or rejection their deeply felt thoughts. I am personally all for it. The event that took place was so overwhelming that it made me realize the importance of senior citizens in our lives. It is been said that senior citizens loose their energy and strength at some point of time but we are wrong. At this stage too they have tremendous talent and energy level. I think Dignity Foundation has set up a great platform and an effective channel wherein they can showcase their hidden talent. Thus it also helps in socializing and finding escorts.

Special workshops on productive ageing were also conducted with the help of well known professionals such as Sudha Menon on Writing and Publishing; Dr. Murarkar spoke on skin care. In the evening fashion show was organized to show case men and women parading to various themes as a platform of creative expressions. The event concluded with a Candle Light Dinner.

Dignity Foundation:
Dignity Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation established under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. It is also a Public Trust registered with the Charity Commissioner of Mumbai. In 1995 the activities of the Foundation were started with the publication of the magazine Dignity Dialogue. It grew into a service delivery organisation responding to the expressed needs conveyed by the senior citizens themselves.

Dignity Foundation is premised upon scientific developments in the fields of Geriatrics and Gerontology. It offers structural opportunities to exercise the choice of how to live healthy and active in chronologically advancing years. Headquartered at Mumbai, the Foundation has Chapters spread across Kolkata, Chennai, Bengaluru, Pune, as well as centres at in Mumbai.

By perennially lobbying with corporate bodies and the government it increases the quantum of facilities and amenities made available to the 50+. The institutional goal is about reaching out to larger numbers in the country with an increasing amount of value additions to the basket it offers. The brilliant reality is the basket can only get more enriching since corporate India is showing a great deal of interest in senior citizens. Our discounts offer is testimony to this growth. We wish to distinguish ourselves as social entrepreneurs with capability to identify and empathise with need nuances of this demographically enlarging constituency.