LT Productions Releases Episode 3 of YouTube Cartoons For Kids

LT and Friends Episode 3: "Moo-Ow Don't Care!" - Cartoon Cat On Youtube!!

Online PR News – 03-June-2013 – Walnut Creek, California – For Immediate Release
Little Thunder Productions, based in Walnut Creek, California,recently released the third episode of its YouTube cartoons for kids “LT and Friends.”

The third episode titled “Moo-Ow Don’t Care!”features a young, soft-spoken kitten called Moo-Ow who has markings like a cow. LT, the lead character in the story, along with his friends encounter Moo-Ow and discover something interesting about the nine-month old kitty.

“This YouTube cartoon for kids showcases the great characters of our feline friends. It also gives us another perspective of how human life is seen from the point of view of our beloved pets,” musician Jim Krochka and the creator of “LT and Friends” explains.

“We have decided to bring this family cartoon to you via YouTube so it is available to parents and kids any time of the day, wherever you are. We have taken into consideration the changing habits of viewers and how everyone is relying on their computers, tablets or smartphones for entertainment,”Krochka added.

The main character of the series, LT the cat, believes that he is a very cool cat. This feline loves the San Francisco Bay Area and everything about it. He also loves nice cars, the latest gadgets, sports and good food. LT is also well abreast with what is happening around them so parents can expect a dose of current events and social commentaries from time to time.

According to Little Thunder Productions, “LT and Friends” is perfect for parents looking for a cartoon cat that can help instill good values to the kids while adults may also learn from the series. Since it is on YouTube, episodes of the cartoon series can be seen by anyone with an internet connection from any part of the globe. Kids and their parents can enjoy it while at home, on the road or while running some errands.

Fans of LT can follow him on Twitter by looking for @LTthecat. He also has a Facebook fan page and of course a YouTube channel where you can watch his latest exploits.

Little Thunder Productions focuses on creating materials that are educational and at the same time fun for kids and the young at heart.

About Little Thunder Productions:
Little Thunder Productions is the brainchild of musician Jim Krochka. Based in Walnut Creek, California, it is focused on creating various forms of content that is fun, entertaining, and educational. The web series LT is Little Thunder Productions' first major release and is for both the young and the young at heart. Inspired by the quirky behavior of Jim's own cat, Little Thunder, the show combines song, dance, and furballs.