StarPMO Provides PMP Certification Training program at Pune Starts From 26th July 2013

StarPMO is pleased to announce its upcoming PMP Certification Training program at Pune Starts From 26, 27, 28 July 2013

Online PR News – 03-June-2013 – Pune, Maharashtra – Every business wants to make sure that the managers it hires are capable enough to make effective decisions. This requires a broad vision, which is exactly what this exam tests. It is based on multiple choice questions, which include indicating the decision you would take in a given situation. By your chosen answer, it can be determined if you have a broad enough vision to deal with the problems at hand. This is why PMP certification training courses make sure that you are adept at making quick decisions when given a certain problem to solve.

PMP certification will not only boost the careers of the people who earn it but also shower the benefits of their knowledge on the organizations for which they work. You have several reputed institutes worldwide imparting knowledge and boosting the career of so many of these youngsters who, in time, become indispensable for the good health, profitability and advancement of the company. Be it a large or small organization, you have some special project management professionals (PMP) executives with PMP certification and training who know how to execute a job with discipline, on schedule and on budget.

Taking the test is highly convenient because it is computer-based and the results are available as soon as you submit the test. However, it is the preparation that is the difficult part. You must also remember than PMP certification requires you to be an experienced manager. You cannot be certified if you have previously not worked as a project manager. Therefore, you must make sure that you get some credible experience as well as some useful training before taking the test. After that, it is just a matter of performing well and waiting for the best job offers!

You can see below some of the benefits that the company will reap by employing PMP certified project management professionals:

Increased profitability
Wider marketing reach
Superior Project Management aptitudes
Increase in networking
Completion of successful projects
For the project management professionals, the advantages are enhancement of reputation, higher career opportunities and the glory of holding a PMP certification and self-marketability.

Project Management Professional Certification is a very important step in anyone's career. This is a highly valued test, passing which means that you have great management skills. Naturally, when you apply for a job and you have this certification on your resume, your employers will feel a lot more confident hiring you. Even if you already have a job, passing the PMP certification exam can improve your chances of getting a promotion. Because the exam has numerous benefits, it is pretty difficult to pass it. The exam is computer based and can be rather difficult to solve. This is the reason PMP certification training is important before taking the test.

How to get ready for this exam?

Since this is a challenging and difficult exam, it is advisable to get training beforehand. PMI have some particular requirements that should be fulfilled so that you become eligible to apply for it. Taking training for at least 35 hours before enrolling is mandatory in order to take the final examinations.

Since the demand for PMP certification gets higher every day, in order to screen and select the right students prior to their enrolling, they are required by Project Management Institute to come from a reputable professional institute.

Why it is worth to take the PMP certification?

The managers that are certified receive a salary, which is approximately 10 percent higher compared to those who don't take the PMP certification. There are many today that get a great career having this certificate.

This examination becomes popular all around the word. According to the statistics, people from approximately 125 countries worldwide enroll to take the PMP certification yearly, while the allotted seats for this exam are one hundred thousand. PMP examination is known for its seminars, group discussions and paper presentation. The main goal of this examination is to check the overall level of person's confidence, as well as the level of knowledge and the skills to communicate freely with other people.

There is a big distinction between the employee who have taken PMP certification and the one, who have not passed it, as the level of service will be much improved after the exam. In addition, the certified employee will be able to help others too, showing them how to become more productive and well-organized. For this reason, more and more employers prefer to choose such kind of staff to work in their companies.

Thus, the optimal goal of the PMP examination is to fully develop skills and abilities of people, giving them assurance that they can manage any challenge they might meet at work. Additionally, people who have such certificate will have much more opportunities to find good job and to receive a higher salary.

Today managers who work in different industries can take advantage of PMP certification. Various fields are in need of certified professionals, who can develop specialized projects like enhancing the sales in any sector of a certain factory. Some politicians can also hire such people to manage their fundraising campaigns. They can also find a job in government, hospitals, schools, etc.

People who have PMP certification are given a lot of opportunities to find a good position and grow in career. Since more and more institutions these days prefer to hire a PMP manager, the demand for such certified professional grows as well.