Police Fitness Training Pro Develops The First iPhone App Aimed at Caloric Correction

One of the nation’s leading experts in police fitness training has developed an App that enables users to instantly know how many calories they just consumed, and how to burn them off.

Online PR News – 03-June-2013 – Miami – Miami, FL, June 03, 2013 -- Kelly Kennedy, PhD., hailed as one of the nation’s leading experts in police fitness training, has developed a Free Mobile App, called iEatnBurn, that will instantly inform the user how many calories they just consumed, and then recommend exercises that will burn-off those calories. The App has not only gained wide acceptance by the Police community, but also by the general public. (ieatnburn.com)

iEatnBurn makes it easy to maintain a diet on the fly, reports a company spokesperson. The built-in database includes over 42-Fast Food establishments, and their full menus. The user-friendly interface presents an easy to navigate selection panel, and will display the total calories consumed. The user has instant information about the foods they have chosen, and can then have the knowledge to make better food choices in the future. (ieatnburn.com)

iEatnBurn is loaded with a vast selection of over 170 physical activities, and informs the user how much time at a selected activity is required to metabolize those added calories. The company points out that this is not just generic information. The results are specific to the user’s gender, age, height and weight.

At a recent interview, Dr. Kennedy had this to say: “As someone who works out every day, I often wondered how much extra time I was going to have to spend at the gym after eating something that I know I really shouldn’t. I decided that if I was going to assemble this information, I might as well share it with everybody”. (ieatnburn.com)

After eleven months of development, iEatnBurn was ready to be launched. Originally developed for Police Officers, who often don’t have the time to stop and consider the calories they are about to consume, as a way of dealing with the most common nutritional problems faced daily by the officers working our streets. It soon became apparent that everybody was interested in the new App. (ieatnburn.com)

Dr. Kennedy explains: “This new App is an educational tool. Perhaps users will make better food choices if they realize how much exercise would be needed to neutralize the calories in that last meal, or snack”.

Complete information is available at the website: iEatnBurn.com

Miami, FL