World environment day 2013- Forest in the middle of Thar Desert

SankalpTaru Foundation is green NGO which has taken a challenge to create a forest in the middle of the Thar Desert

Online PR News – 03-June-2013 – Rajasthan – We understand that the world has become a complex web where people struggle to find time for themselves. With the age of innovation and constantly developing technology, everything that we desire can be done through the internet. Concentrating on this point, we have created an online portal where people from all around the world come together to plant trees and even keep a track on their growth with the help of our state of the art patented GPS satellite technology. Not only does this help the environment but also creates a sense of responsibility and awareness among the people. Ours is a multi-purpose project. It benefits the environment, individuals, farmers (who take care of these trees and earn a living) and the corporates. Today we can proudly say that efforts made by us and everyone else involved in our unique greening programme have borne fruit.
A Seedling of Hope-Project Green Thar
Life in the Thar is a struggle. There is a great paucity of water, hence, resulting in an extreme shortage of trees. Bringing greenery here was a challenge for us. But we weren’t ones to back down. With our new ideas, concepts, techniques and with the help of the rural communities, local school and the panchayat, we succeeded in transforming more than 70 acres of desert land of Chokhla Village into a green zone! SankalpTaru Foundation thus, became the first ever organisation to create a forest in the middle of the Thar desert.
But our efforts weren’t limited to the environment. Adhering to our motto ‘WE DON’T JUST PLANT’, today more than 25 families have financial support and lead happy lives because of our endeavour. Also, more than 100 people have jobs. Chokhla Village is one of our many projects that will create a happier and better world!
The Root of Our Tree
Apurva Bhamdari,Founder, Sankalp Taru Foundation says-“SankalpTaru was my offering, my gift to nature. Along the way, it transformed into OUR thanks to nature for all that we have received from it. I have tried hard to ensure that my organization touches one and all and leaves no one unaffected. It is because of this that I have strived to provide the people with an online platform so that they can contribute in the conservation of nature. It is our topmost priority to spread awareness among everyone on this planet in order to create an understanding between man and nature. Because together, we can change the world!”
About SankalpTaru
SankalpTaru Foundation is a National Level development organisation woking towards creating a cleaner, greener and a better planet. With its implementation since last year, the organisation has successfully planted more that 50,000 trees on ground and counting. It aims at providing livelihood opportunities to the less privileged, rural people and help support their families.