Reena Handa worked hard as a computer engineer. That is, until she came up against chronic pain that halted her career in its tracks.

Online PR News – 03-June-2013 – TORONTO – Reena Handa worked hard as a computer engineer. That is, until she came up against chronic pain that halted her career in its tracks. While at the home of one of her senior managers one day, Reena was enjoying the sunshine and great outdoors with her colleagues in a congenial barbecue setting. However, that is where the trouble precisely started: while leaning against the railing of a deck while relaxing and chatting, the railing broke and caused her to fall backwards.

The deck’s break and the ensuing fall caused Reena to break her tailbone. At the hospital, the deck malfunction was determined by doctors to be the cause of the fracture. However, the doctor expected Reena to make a full recovery in about 8 to 10 weeks. She was sent home with a prescription for painkillers and told that she should not sit for long periods of time or perform strenuous tasks during her healing time. Unfortunately, this meant that Reena would not be able to complete her duties as a computer engineer. Reena successfully applied for her employer’s group short-term disability benefits and was approved.

That might have been the end of the story, but unfortunately it was not. Six months following her initial injury, it was still difficult for Reena to complete her activities. The pain was becoming chronic, and she found it hard to deal with; doctors began giving her a more taxing treatment schedule, which included steroid shots to treat and target her pain caused by inflammation. When this did not improve Reena’s condition, she was told that surgery to remove her coccyx might be the next step.

Around the time of the one-year anniversary of her fall, the pain had become constant and intolerable. Reena was not able to sit down at work to be able to do her job, and, to make matters worse, her short-term disability benefits had run out. Though she appealed her claim twice with the insurance provider, she was rejected in both instances. It was clearly time for Reena to call the experts, and that’s what she did.

With insurance and disability lawyers like Share Lawyers on her side, she was successfully able to settle to become financially secure and to retrain for a new career that would fit with her new set of challenges. Share Lawyers aggressively pursued evidence to support Reena’s case that matched even the aggressiveness of two insurance companies who tried to deny her. The case was eventually settled in Reena’s favor, with the settlement coming from her manager’s homeowner’s insurance policy as well as the medical insurance company that had wrongfully denied her the entitled benefits. With this new start thanks in large part to Share Lawyers, Reena is able to move on with her life.