An Increase in the Self Employed is Feeding Demand for Serviced Offices

The fact that more people in the UK are setting up their own firms is generating income for other businesses.

Online PR News – 03-June-2013 – 6/3/2013 – England 24/05/2013 - The fact that more people in the UK are setting up their own firms is generating income for other businesses.

Recently, demand for serviced offices in London and other parts of the country have increased. Interestingly, much of the demand for serviced offices is coming from small start-ups rather than from large, well-established firms.

It seems that many of the 300,687 people who have decided to set themselves up as self-employed since 2008, have had some success. As a result, many are branching out from working from a home office, and are taking the step of setting up a workplace in an office building.

For many this will be a good move. In business, appearances are important. An accountant that works from a home office is not going to seem as professional as one that works from a London office. In reality, both accountants will be just as well qualified, but the one with the proper office is going to be the one that can charge top dollar for their services.

Firms looking for an accountant will perceive those with an actual office as being more professional, committed to their business and are likely to assume that they are not a one-man band. Most will feel happier about hiring an accountant with a proper office than they will hiringsomeone who works out of a briefcase. Many small firms believe that having a proper office to which clients can come for meetings gives them an edge, and studies show that they are right. A prestigious office address inspires confidence and brings in more business.

Serviced offices are ideal for small businesses
Over the past few years, Target Space has seen the potential for this market. As a result, they have added smaller offices to their portfolio of serviced London offices. Most small firms do not have the time or resources to worry about things like cleaning, security, or web services. As a result, most of the offices small firms are renting out are serviced, where all of the small day-to-day tasks that can take up so much time are automatically taken care of for them.

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