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Opal jewelry is made from small silica spheres arranged in a regular pattern. The type of silica in opals is chemically similar to quartz, but opal silica contains water within the mineral structure. Precious opal generally contains about 6-10% water. The vast number of colors in opals are caused by the regular array of silica spheres diffracting white light, and breaking the light into the colors of the light spectrum. The actual range of color in a particular opal is determined by the diameter and spacing of its silica spheres. The colors of an opal can also change depending upon the angle of light incidence, so when an opal is rotated, its color can change or disappear. This feature makes opals extremely interesting and unique.

Opals are more delicate than other gems like diamonds and sapphires. They require a little more care and tender treatment when worn. Try to avoid knocking or scraping your Opal as this may damage it. Due to it's delicate nature, Opal rings being worn as Engagement or Wedding rings simply because they are not nearly as hard as diamonds and sapphires and they are more prone to damage from everyday knocking or scratching. Opal rings are best worn as dress rings for wear when you go out rather than for every day wear and wear around the house.

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