Dr. Fred DiUlus Invents New Path to Free Online Accredited Degrees

A Unique Individual Path to a Recognized College Degree

Online PR News – 02-June-2013 – New York City NY – Dr. Fred DiUlus, an online education pioneer, was among the first to invent an online tuition free university at the turn of the century. Now, a decade later, he has brought the home school non-traditional experience to a new level. DiUlus created a new system that makes possible an individual’s ability to self-direct an accredited college degree totally on their own. Aimed at the 90% of those in the world who lack the finances, economic condition and opportunity to seek higher education traditionally, they are now able to seize on a system that provides a unique individual path to a recognized college degree.

What makes the DiUlus system and this evolutionary self-directed home school approach possible are the Massive Open Online Courses known as MOOCs. They are taught by the thousands through major universities like MIT, Harvard, a host of other blue chip schools and those lesser known around the world. The catch, DiUlus points out, is the offering schools do not give credit for completion of the college courses they offer for free. Regardless, the free courses mirror their full credit paid courses. As a result, Dr. DiUlus says, this seeming global altruism by major institutions has put the world of higher education and accredited degree opportunity within the grasp of those willing to reach for it.

DiUlus observes that it is possible for anyone regardless of age to step through the front door of a MOOC provider school, take the free courses, successfully complete each, and then go out the back door to another university that will accept the MOOC course for credit at their school. From here the online education expert says, it’s a short distance for the courses to be accepted by another school for an accredited degree. Dr. DiUlus suggests any one that possesses at least a high school education or equivalent can do this. “If they can provide themselves with a piece of technology that will connect them to the internet, they are enrolled.”

The DiUlus system is designed to overcome the arduous and difficult task of picking and bundling the right free classes from multiple MOOC providers. Without being framed to match a traditional accredited program, home schooling a degree can be an exercise in futility. The system professor DiUlus offers takes the mystery and the guess work out of a properly structured academic program leading to a degree. In sum, he says, “The system easily beats going it alone.