Contus Support released “Contus Video Comments” plug-ins for both Joomla and WordPress

Contus Support released “Contus Video Comments” plug-ins for both Joomla and WordPress. A video comment is a component that has been added to both Joomla and WordPress.

Online PR News – 31-May-2010 – – Contus is a web development company that invokes one stop solution for customers Web and mobile development needs. With this they have created a new technology on WordPress: an open source CMS, often used as a blog publishing application powered by PHP and MySQL, and Joomla: an open source content management system platform for publishing content on the World Wide Web and intranets as well as a Model–view–controller (MVC) Web application framework, and this is the “Contus Video Comments” plug-in.

When the plug-in is installed, all users, along with their existing commenting systems, can post video comments. And once this said plug-in is installed on the website, there is a button provided to “add video comments”. This time, the user can start record his / her video, and can post the said recording and be reflected on the website.

With working in Joomla and WordPress, the “Contus Video Comments” plug-in requires a server called Red5 server. The installation of the plug-in is easy. If the server is present, then simply provide the RTMP path on the plug-in manager to start recording video comments on the website of yours. This Contus Video Comments plug-in supports Red5 Server and FMS Server. It also acts as both recorder and as a player. The user can play the recorded video with inbuilt player from WebFLVRecorder. It also uses the standard comment structure of JomComments or the structure of WordPress. It is easy to set up and user friendly. The streams recording in Red5 Server can’t cause delays. Once the recording is finished, it stores immediately without taking much time to upload. It is also flexible enough to modify upload location. It is also scalable to users preferred size. It also has the capabilities of selecting the preferred video / audio device detected by the computer. And lastly, it also has the capability of re – recording.

In wordpress, “Contus Video Comments” works with the default commenting system. However in Joomla, it requires JomComments to be preinstalled in the website for Contus Video Comments to work. JomComments is Ajax based which means that comments are added on the fly without reloading the whole page. Ajax not only saves the user server bandwidth, but the comments appear graceful, slick, and smooth. It also has the feature of comprehensive SPAM Protection. This kind of features fights SPAM bots. Jomcomments offer comprehensive SPAM protection with Captcha image challenge, domain IP blocking, word censoring and blocking, flood control and more SPAM control options. Jomcomments also cater personalized templates. The whole comment system layout can be modified. JomComment does not make the user’s comment area look like an alien add-on at the website. Simply change from one look to another just by selecting a new template. The users don’t have to hack any codes – just by editing the template.

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