ASAP Solutions Rounds up Recent Water Advisories in Canada

On May 22, ASAP Water Solutions did a roundup of the national news stories about Canada’s drinking water.

Online PR News – 02-June-2013 – MARKHAM, ONT – MARKHAM, ONT, ASAP Water Solutions. On May 22, ASAP Water Solutions did a roundup of the national news stories about Canada’s drinking water.

The company unveiled these recent news alerts. In spite of the integrity of municipal water controls, there are some things that are beyond anyone (even the government’s) control:

• Citizens of Montreal have been given a boiled-water alert when water was found to be discoloured and with a lot of turbidity. Apparently the plant has been undergoing maintenance work. (source: CTV News)

• Several Saint John neighbourhoods were also issued a boil-water order several weeks ago when a contractor ruptured a major pipeline. This was their third such advisory this year. (source: CBC News)

• In March, parts of Saskatoon are under a boil-water alert as well, after a major local water main broke. (source: CBC News)

• First Nations’ communities across the country continue to have water that falls well below federal and provincial guidelines. Some of their boil-water advisories have lasted decades. (source: Global News)

Our supply of drinking water is fragile and can be interfered with suddenly, and through many events.

For generations, most Canadians have consumed tap water, but this demographic is shrinking. As for bottled water, even if people consider it to be pure, they are loathe to contribute more plastics in our landfills.

The Canadian government establishes guidelines for drinking water quality through the body known as the CDW (the Committee on Drinking Water). That’s great, but a challenge when it comes to updating guidelines in the face of ever-changing water components.

In short, the only way to know for sure that your drinking water is the purest and safest it can be is to purify it yourself!

ASAP Water Solutions has found a solution to the problem of impure drinking water. In fact, they’ve found several solutions. Now both residential and commercial purchasers can take advantage of leading-edge water purification solutions.