Magazine Café Now Offering 5% Off Orders Over $100

In the 21st century it seems that the magazine business is a dying industry, but Magazine Café is a company defying expectations.

Online PR News – 02-June-2013 – New York – New York — In the 21st century it seems that the magazine business is a dying industry, but Magazine CafĂ© is a company defying expectations. With a large brick and mortar location in Midtown Manhattan and a growing online presence, Magazine CafĂ© and its customers are showing the world that paper magazines still have a place in the world. To celebrate the expansion of their business to include more selections for the international magazine enthusiast, Magazine CafĂ© is pleased to announce a 5% discount on orders over $100.

For decades magazines have been a way for people all over the country and the world to share their niche interests with others. Magazines were able to cross borders and create international audiences in ways that other mediums could not. Soon publishers like Glamour, Elle and Vogue were creating an international magazine and the world became a smaller place. The rise of digital printing is threatening the traditional model, but some paper magazine retailers are holding strong.

With their 5% discount, Magazine Café hopes to spread their love of magazines to the world. A customer has the option of purchasing a single issue, or an annual subscription, though the annual subscription does not qualify for the discount. This enables customers to decide if they really do like a French magazine or an obscure hobby magazine, before making the commitment to an annual subscription. The large selection of available magazines and the easy to navigate categories make it easy for customers to find the magazine that they are looking for.

Magazine Café continues to show the strength of the paper magazine market, and with nearly a decade in the business, Magazine Café has demonstrated the success of their model. Whether customers are looking for current issues of a major publication, or back issues of a hard to find French magazine , there are plenty of choices at Magazine Café.

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