World History Specialists Applying to May Submit World History Essay

The increasing need to identify expert writers in the world history field has led to inaugurate an essay competition for applicants and any staff who wish to participate.

Online PR News – 31-May-2010 – – “The field of world history is growing, and we see more projects in this subject area every day,” says the Director of “We have good coverage for US history and European history, but we are looking for expert writers in world history topics as well.” To accomplish this goal, is offering applicants (and any current staff with an interest) a chance to participate in an essay competition. The authors of winning essays will be designated as world history subject matter specialists. These folks will help keep at the forefront of custom writing services, whether for academe or business. has always offered high quality custom history writing, but recently, there are more projects than ever in the field of world history. As a company which has both staff and customers from all over the globe, considers this a wonderful development. The study of history has often suffered from tunnel vision from looking only at Europe and America, or from those vantage points. To evolve with the changing field of history, wants to be sure that we have identified, and are supporting, the qualified writers on our staff who can handle these assignments. We will use an essay contest to accomplish this. Any applicant or staffer may submit an essay to be designated as a world history specialist.

We will be looking for regional expertise, whether acquired by heritage, residence, or study. We will also be seeking writers with the flexibility to adopt the perspective of another’s nation, region or culture, in analyzing events and trends (for example, African-American History, Women’s Studies, or Asian History classes). is looking, as well, for the sort of research skills necessary to ferret out good sources. The challenge in researching world history is that any primary source material is likely to be a real challenge to obtain and to decipher. will be supporting those staff writers whose essays meet our high standards with online research databases, so that many standard secondary scholarly resources will be readily available.

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