InBiz Releases ERP 3.0 - Affordable Small Business ERP Software

ERP software experts at InBiz launches new version of web-based business ERP system that offers greatest ROI through an innovative modular architecture with high flexibility in operational processes and seamless integration with third-party products.

Online PR News – 31-May-2010 – – InBiz ERP software experts have developed and released InBiz ERP 3.0, a new version of web-based business ERP system that offers greatest return on an investment through optimized user experience and its innovative modular architecture. Built around the principles of "open architecture", the InBiz 3.0 ERP software allows maximum flexibility and control in business processes.

InBiz 3.0 ERP was designed with a focus on helping small to medium-sized businesses become more productive and effective by allowing them to manage all their resources, information and activities across a variety of business processes.

The InBiz 3.0 ERP software is completely web based and secure. There’s no expensive I/T department to manage or servers to maintain. The costs of upgrading and managing separate applications are eliminated.

InBiz 3.0 ERP gives business owners real time access, 24/7, to their sales, inventory, suppliers and customers. They may log in from home, the office or even from a mobile device. Business decisions can be made effectively in real time, which will improve relationships between managers, employees and each of their business partners.

InBiz ERP system modules and software address the distinct and complex problems in all areas of vendor and customer relationship management. Managers may effortlessly handle sales, procurement, inventory management, shipping, invoicing, warehouse management, and document distribution (fax/email). It is also certified to process both debit and credit card payments, providing highest level of integration between your point of sales and inventory.

Finally, the InBiz ERP software comes with comprehensive audit and control facilities.

InBiz is today successfully helping manufacturers, wholesalers, eCommerce companies, traders and retailers manage their businesses like never before.

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