5 Smartphones We Expect To Arrive This Year

It's always hard to choose the superlatives in the world of mobile devices and mobile apps. In the end there is always a long list that needs to be reduced.

Online PR News – 30-May-2013 – Altanta (GA) – It's always hard to choose the superlatives in the world of mobile devices and mobile apps. In the end there is always a long list that needs to be reduced. It's been almost half a year since we presented our list of anticipated devices. Some quenched the anticipations, some are yet to see the light of day. Again we have chosen 5 devices, all of them smartphones, which are shrouded with rumors and mysteries, well, except one - BlackBerry Q5.

BlackBerry Q5

First Z10. Then Q10. Now here comes the third brother in the series of smartphones running BlackBerry 10.1 - Q5. The recently presented smartphone with physical keyboard will target the emerging markets, among others, in Asia and Latin America. Now as Windows Phone has steadily occupied the third place in the global battle of mobile platforms, BlackBerry shouldn't wait to retaliate. Indeed, the wait won't last long - Q5 will be available on chosen markets in July. Generally it resembles Q10, with several trade-offs to make it a mid-range device. The general specs are: 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8Gb internal storage (+ microSD slot), 2Gb RAM, 5Mpx rear camera, and a 3.1'' LCD display with 720x720 resolution. BlackBerry Q5 weighs 120g, has a 2,100mAh battery, and supports LTE, HSPA+, and 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi. The device will come in black, white, red and pink colors.

Motorola X Phone

Okay, BB Q5 was the only clarified case. The following four are all rumors and suggestions. Rumor has it that Google might have quit the project of X Phone, which would be the first device to be entirely created by Google. Since the attention is fully focused on Google Glass, X Phone must be the project postponed for a better time – and its fate is in the hands of Motorola, with Google having lost interest in it. We might wait for the fall to see what happens. It's not likely that we'll hear anything about X Phone earlier. However, like all much-talked-about products, X Phone still holds a share of anticipation.

Google Nexus 5

Wait. We mentioned Nexus 5 as an anticipated device, right after Christmas 2012. Until now it remains a source of rumors and leaks, and new rumors, over and over. The recent Google I/O event revealed no official news on the issue, as opposed to expectations. Instead we have a sudden release of Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition. Perhaps Google is biding its time to ship Nexus 5 with a new version of Android (supposedly 5.0 Key Lime Pie, which was also omitted from the I/O keynote). LG is expected to be the hardware provider for Nexus 5. The device is also expected to feature a 5'' LCD display with 441 ppi / full HD (1920x1080) resolution. One thing is sure - such an anticipated flagship device shouldn't be inferior to the currently reigning Samsung Galaxy S4.

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Another top Android phablet is expected to have a 2GHz eight-core processor, 3Gb RAM, and an even bigger (rumored 6.3'') screen, and a more durable battery. It's still widely discussed whether the next-generation Note will have a plastic form factor, or a metal one, like with the predecessor. Let's hope for the latter. The Note 3 is also likely to bide its time until the release of Android Key Lime Pie - perhaps Q3 2013.

iPhone 5S

Apple never ran for the superlative specs; instead, Apple focused on reliable cutting-edge products. The iPhone's path now seems like evolution rather than revolution (that's why it's quite unlikely that Apple will move right on to the iPhone 6), a new device in the lineup is always an anticipated one. iPhone 5S was expected this summer, but Tim Cook said there would be no major releases until fall. Perhaps we'll be able to see the new iPhone with iOS 7 aboard. We can expect a faster processor, a better camera; and of course, some delicious features, such as wireless charging. There is also a possibility that iPhone 5S will add more colors to choose from. Fall must be the time when the major hardware manufacturers will finally show the trump cards up their sleeves.