New Essay Contest at Will Identify World History Specialists
05/31/2010 is seeing more and more world history in our list of projects to be completed and we will find the writers who can handle them by means of an essay contest.

Online PR News – 31-May-2010 – – The study of world history is expanding, and requires different skills and knowledge from the traditional study of European or American history. Every part of the world has its perspective on world events, its chroniclers of regional achievements, its documentary resources to draw on. is looking for specialists in world history, and will find them amongst applicants or current staff through an essay competition. The most expert and competent writers and researchers will be designated as subject matter specialists. As receives an increasing volume of world history projects, we will be poised to help with editing, writing, or research.

World history is an increasingly popular area of academic study, broadening the often narrow focus on Europe and the United States. This is a healthy change, offering opportunities for investigation and new insights into the past in more places and in greater detail than ever before.

At we see evidence of this trend in the rising numbers of world history writing projects. Therefore, to help our customers with their research, writing, and editing requirements in world history, needs to identify and support subject matter specialists, to augment our US and European history experts.

To determine who’s got the “chops” to handle world history jobs, will offer applicants a chance to submit essays in this subject area. We will be seeking both good writing skills and evidence of the specialized skills which world history requires.

For example, was the writer resourceful in locating and negotiating access to original source material, possibly from collections not in the public domain? Could this individual interview someone effectively? Could the writer translate an original source if needed? Is the writer flexible enough to adopt alternate perspectives on the same event? The editorial staff will also extend this opportunity to current staff as well.

The custom writers so identified will be’s newest specialty cohort, helping to meet the needs of customers with all their writing, research, and editing projects,

We don’t just respond to world history assignments; you can ask us for help in any subject area!

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