World History Specialists Needed: Essay Contest at to Spot Stars

To make sure that has world history expertise on staff, an essay contest will identify applicants and current writers who can handle this specialized field.

Online PR News – 31-May-2010 – – There are more and more world history projects arriving at for our help, and we want to make sure that we have the expertise among our writers to handle such jobs. will offer the chance to applicants and our present staff to submit an essay in order to be designated as a world history specialist. We will be looking for the kind of international perspective, ability to take another point of view, and superb research skills that this area of study demands. This will augment the already wide range of fields in which can offer customers help with their writing projects.

To paraphrase a famous saying, attributed to Sir John Buchan, Baron of Tweedsmuir, those who do not study world history are condemned to repeat it. Judging from the number of projects is asked to help with, lots of folks are studying world history these days. is making sure that we are prepared by identifying subject specialists through an essay contest.

World history projects require accurate knowledge of the facts, and generous breadth of vision. History today is taught from varied viewpoints (for example, in women’s studies), which must be kept in mind to produce a responsive paper. Each country and region of the world has its own perspective on any historical event or era, which also must be considered.

Additionally, research in world history demands unique skills. For example, researchers need to be quite adept at locating, deciphering, and possibly translating nearly illegible original sources, which may well be un-digitized, and housed in private collections. recognizes what valuable assets clever and resourceful researchers are, and wants to make the best use of them.

To identify accomplished world history researchers and writers in our applicant pool, we will offer the chance to submit an essay on a relevant topic. (Current staff writers who wish to participate may also do so). Those who meet the standards of the editorial staff will be designated as world history subject area specialists. These writers will help to meet the increasing need for expert assistance in research, editing and writing in this field, as in US history and other fields.

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