MusicaNeo initiates a Crowd-funding Music Project – “Maestro-in-the-Making”

MusicaNeo has launched a unique music project by contemporary composers aimed at the support of children's music education worldwide.

Online PR News – 30-May-2013 – worldwide – The music platform MusicaNeo is raising funds for an international music education project. The project consists of two stages: Stage 1 is the call for new educational material for kids’ music practice in an open online composers’ competition. In stage 2 the winning pieces – the most interesting and pedagogically engaging material – are compiled and turned into a book, which will be sent to music schools worldwide for free.

The crowd-funding campaign has already started at IndieGoGo. If the funding goal is reached by July 2nd, MusicaNeo will be able to organize a competition among contemporary composers challenging them to create new music pieces that help develop a child’s attentiveness, imagination and creative skills. Donations are made at

The most original and engaging music works will be awarded and included for publication in the special sheet music collection “Maestro-in-the-Making”. This music book will include up to 35 of the most interesting easy-level pieces. The book will then be distributed for free to the beginning musicians worldwide and enrich the music curriculum. MusicaNeo is now accepting requests for a free copy of “Maestro-in-the-Making” from music schools in different countries of the world.

Music education, as one of the most important cultural foundations, is an enormous task that should be supported and given the attention it truly deserves, even more so in times when severe budget cuts dramatically reduce the possibilities of schools to fulfill their educational mission. Crowd-funding can help substitute such shortfalls and guarantee the free supply of urgently needed material for schools and teachers.

“Maestro-in-the-Making” is about high-quality, modern educational material, considering the child in its contemporary living environment. It addresses the difficulty of arousing real and lasting interest – making practice an activity that is eagerly awaited and not perceived as a laborious nuisance in the child’s routine. “Maestro-in-the-Making” aims at raising awareness of the needs and abilities of children and their teachers and to activate and unite the international musicians’ community for the sake of the future generations’ interest, involvement in and - most of all - love for modern music.