New York Web Design Firm Proudly Waves “Made in the USA” Banner

Leading New York City website design and web development company serving clients across the United States and the world, says that his company never outsources to other countries and warns that such practices can be detrimental to website owners.

Online PR News – 30-July-2009 – New York, New York – In today’s economy, everyone seems to be encouraging national support with a renewed call for purchasing goods and services that originate in the United States. However, Peter Crisafi, Vice President of dzine it, Inc., a respected NYC website development firm, says that in the current financial climate, there are many who maintain that outsourcing their website design project is the best way to save money.

“It is not entirely true,” says Crisafi.

When searching for a web development firm to help you create an online presence for you or your business, Crisafi says that it is tempting to outsource, particularly because of competitive, rock-bottom prices. But, he says, pitfalls often abound.

“The first issue that many clients find, when they hire an overseas company, is that language barriers may get in the way, not only effecting website development, but even into the finished product, making it harder for their visitors to understand and even use their site,” he explained.

Another potential issue, Crisafi says, is the time difference which may slow down your project.

“While these companies boast super low rates, they take ten times longer to produce work,” he said. “Also there is no guarantee or legal ramification if these companies take off with your money. We hear about these nightmares every day and it gives reputable companies here in the states a bad name.”

According to Crisafi, even if you hire a web design firm located in the United States that beats out competitor pricing, you may be surprised to run into some of the same issues because many US firms outsource their work to other countries as well.

“Don’t be afraid to ask potential web development firms about their policy on outsourcing,” says Crisafi. “Also, look for the Made in the USA or USA Gov logos and check to see if the web design firm you are considering is registered with the better business bureau and local chambers of commerce.”

“You may be spending more money with a United States web development firm, but you are saving yourself a headache and more money in the long run,” he said.

Though outsourcing is not always detrimental, particularly if it is a reputable website design firm that is doing the outsourcing, Crisafi says that clients that work with dzine it say that they appreciate the benefits of working with professionals located inside the United States.

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