Genius Enhances its Website with E-Commerce to Allow Buying Its Quality Graphic Tablets Online

Genius-KYE Systems makes it possible to buy their graphic tablets quickly and easily through its tablet-dedicated website. Users of all skill levels, with most different graphic needs and expectations will find there a suitable graphics tablet product for fun, for work or for education.

Online PR News – 30-May-2010 – – Genius-KYE Systems has added an extra e-commerce functionality to its tablet-dedicated website that makes it possible to purchase its products online easily and quickly. Its quality affordable graphic tablets and pen tablets - whether wanted for fun, for work or for education - are just a click away, ready to be shipped anywhere you need them to be delivered.

Genius graphic tablets and pen tablets are renowned for a unique combination of reasonable pricing and innovative technology. Most of them are fully compatible with all PCs and Macs and it never takes more than a split second for users to work out their features. Both complete beginners and advanced tablet artists can find models that are sure to exceed their expectations.

The product catalog is available on the site with plenty of photos, specifications and descriptions that are neatly arranged and comprehensive. It is broken into three sections – fun, style and power tablet series.

The latest addition to the Genius Fun Series is EasyPen i405, which was created to help unleash creativity of graphic tablet users. It features a 4” x 5.5” working area that invites anyone to freely express themselves and make the most of its advantages. It is perfect for drawing, writing, sketching, sending e-mails and other actions that benefit from precision and firm control of the cursor. Its 1024 level pressure sensitivity makes it suitable for artwork projects, retouching photos and even handwriting. It is utterly intuitive and relies of handy shortcuts for easier navigation. EasyPen i405 is now available for sale directly from Genius website.

The newest models in the Genius Style Series are G-Pen F350 and G-Pen F509. Both are ultra slim, sleek graphic tablets that are easy to carry around and designed to look stylish but professional. They are a perfect tool to make hand-writing notes or drawings in e-mails and other documents. They guarantee convenience for users who need to take a tablet with them and use it in multiple environments.

MousePen i608 is a notable new representative of the Genius Power Series. It was built to increase user productivity, especially in professional drawing and illustration, but it can also be successfully applied in other tasks. Like a lot of other models, it has been won a number of prestigious awards, including 2009 Computer Times Editors' Choice. This Genius graphic tablet was distinguished from its competition for managing to deliver top quality in an entry-point gadget available at a budget price.

All these graphic tablets, as well as a number of others, can be browsed through, compared and purchased directly from the Genius tablets website. Millions of customers and hundreds of award committees cannot be wrong – come online, see for yourself and start enjoying exciting Genius gadgets.