Social Media Marketing For Business: Optimization Strategies Aid Success

Study reveals the most effective Social Media Marketing Strategies employed little known optimization techniques to refine and increase results.

Online PR News – 29-May-2010 – – Independent study reveals that the most successful Social Media Marketing strategies employed little known Social Media optimization tactics to enhance and increase results. These tactics were often employed during early testing and then revisited during the course of the Social Media campaign. The focus of these techniques was to increase viral marketing benefits, enhance the branding of a product or service and produce a measurable return.

What follows is a list of resources outlining the social media optimization strategies revealed during this research. Research that included extensive monitoring, evaluation and external marketing measurements. Among the key questions this study sought to answer were:

Which practices yield better Business to Consumer or Business to Business results?
Does it make any difference if the market is regional, national or global?
How important is market research to current and continued success?
How does one measure the results in a quantifiable and cost efficient manner?
How does one discover and leverage existing opportunities and current trends?
Which Social Media platforms are potential clients using and why does this matter?

The study was performed by Irbtrax SEO Social Media Internet marketing. For information on how you can optimize your existing Social Media campaign or help ensure the success of your future involvement contact Irbtrax using the email, phone or feedback form located on their website which is displayed beneath the 'Media' section of this release or visit:

For an outline of the key steps used by Social Media marketing agencies to create and monitor a results oriented campaign. Including key pre-launch and mid launch steps visit:

For an outline of the benefits of Facebook verse Twitter and which is most applicable to a specific marketing goal or niche visit:

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "This study clearly revealed the importance of knowing your target audience, keeping up to date on current trends and understanding the resources available for tracking results."

The Irbtrax founder further stated that there appears to be a wide misperception that Social Media marketing success will evolve from the creation of a Facebook or Twitter account and cross linking them to other online resources without applying basic market research. Market research that in many cases costs very little to perform. Yet can answer the most important questions involving the targeted audiences social networking habits, needs and where the most lucrative opportunities exist.

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