Avail a Refinancing Home Loan From HLS

Home Loan Solutions (HLS) which offers the best home loan rates makes available to its customers refinancing loan options through a quick and easy 5 step process. 21 days is all it takes for the funding to be available.

Online PR News – 27-May-2013 – CA – Orange County, California; 13th May, 2013: Home Loan Solutions (HLS) has the perfect answer for people who are looking for a refinancing home loan in California. The refinancing process of the company which can be neatly divided into 5 steps ensures that funds are available to its customers within 21 days. The 1st step of the refinancing process is consultation where the potential loan taker is informed of all possible details of the loan including of the hurdles that they may have to face in the process. This consultation is done either in the company’s office or via phone in case of long distance borrowers. The 2nd and 3rd step pertain to collection of documents and presenting the initial terms and conditions for the loan including the rates. In the 4th step, the loan is presented for approval and the company’s executives explain to the borrower all aspects pertaining to the loan. In the fifth and final step, the loan document is signed and all other formalities met. This systematic process enables the company to provide the best home loan rates.

As the CEO and official spokesperson says, “Getting a home loan when you purchase a new home if often easier than to obtain a refinancing home loan. Though it does have its own benefits, many financial institutions avoid it because measuring the credit worthiness of a potential borrower is not an easy job. We at Home Loan Solutions stick to our commitment of providing the loan money in minimum possible time and without any major hassle.”

Apart from providing one of the best home loan rates in California, Home Loan Solutions also helps its customers to calculate their loan or mortgage with the help of an online calculator. For mortgage, one has to simply fill up the details in the available boxes like purchase price, down payment, interest rate, mortgage payment etc. and the calculation shall be made for you.

As the spokesperson says, “It is important for a customer to see for himself the calculations for his loan payment. Our loan calculator helps with that so that an individual can keep a track on his expenses and knows how much amount is due and when.”

To know more about refinancing options, click: http://hlsloans.com/refinancing-your-home.html

Home Loan Solutions (HLS) is one of the leading providers of personal loans. Established in Orange County, this mortgage broker caters to the loan needs of entire California. Since its inception, the company has kept its focus on residential loans and assures committed service that guarantees cent percent satisfaction rate from their customers. The company also offers fixed and adjustable rate mortgages, government loans and jumbo loans. The mantra of the company is simple – quick, convenient cash.