Fair Trading Technology's T3 New BrokerTools Brings Ease Of Scalability To Brokers

Fair Trading Technology's new T3 BrokerTools brings ease of scalability to brokers and unique shared wallet to traders

Online PR News – 31-May-2013 – London, London – Fair Trading Technology has announced a major upgrade to their T3 BrokerTools, a collection of CRM, risk management, affiliate management and PAMM tools, as well as an updated version of its bridge technology, giving both brokers and traders access to more flexible, powerful trading tools than ever.

The updated suite of tools will centralise managing traders and affiliates and makes adding new platforms and liquidity providers relatively easy, providing a level of scalability that has been complicated and expensive to offer in the past.

"Scalability allows brokers to stay competitive and catch the opportunities to react to changes ahead of its competitors," said Fair Trading Technology Chief Development Officer Tanner Serifler. "Our T3 BrokerTools products, together with our updated bridge, provide the possibility to scale to your business model. Our brokers will benefit from the ability to quickly make changes and adapt to any future trend, be it a market or regulatory change."

Fair Trading Technology has been providing technology solutions to the forex industry since 2010. This latest release offers a new level of services and options for brokers to manage their day-to-day operations, while making it easier to provide new offerings to their customers.

Our T3 BrokerTools products together with our updated bridge provide the possibility to scale to your business model. Our brokers will benefit from the ability to quickly make changes and adapt to any future trend be it a market or regulatory change.

With T3 BrokerTools, brokers will now be able to seamlessly manage their traders, trading activities, affiliates and trades across all of their platforms in one central environment.

The T3 Broker CRM allows brokers to manage their traders and affiliates in one centralised location. Brokers can view, edit and sort their customers, as well as create and manage user groups in the CRM without using the MT4 Manager. Affiliates/IBs are handled in a similar fashion.

For traders, the T3 Broker CRM allows them to manage their accounts and offers a multiple shared wallet solution. This is helpful for traders who needs to segregate accounts if they have a money manager, or if they have multiple trading strategies.

"The shared wallet feature is a revolutionary tool to improve the efficiency of traders", said Mr. Serifler. "Traders will benefit from the flexibility of trading freely across various trading platforms with the same login."

Traders can also create and manage their trading accounts while being able to trade on any trading platform interchangeably and in-sync. The CRM also includes the Traders' Room, where they can manage their deposits and withdrawals in the same place.

The T3 Broker Affiliate Manager allows affiliates/IBs to quickly scan the list of traders they have introduced and monitor where they are in the registration process and the amount of revenue they have generated.

The T3 Broker PAMM allows money managers to easily manage accounts and wallets for their traders to invest in. It comes with full reporting and statistics on money managers and their accounts/wallets.

Through its APIs, Fair Trading Technology's T3 BrokerTools products are designed to easily allow the addition of any new trading platform at any time. Whether the broker adds a new mobile trading solution, a social trading solution, or any variety the market request, the system is able to connect the system without affecting the already existing FX infrastructure.

Fair Trading Technology is a rapidly growing technology provider, creating new and innovative solutions for the day-to-day problems facing foreign exchange brokers and their clients. Since 2010, our technology has been connecting trading platforms, liquidity providers and brokers of all sizes in a unique, seamless shared wallet environment. The company currently has operations in London, New York and Sweden.

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