Presidential Weight Loss: Did Bill Clinton Use The Cabbage Soup Diet To Drop Pounds?

Former United States president Bill Clinton has been rumored to be using the cabbage soup diet.

Online PR News – 29-May-2010 – – n a recent ABC news report, Bill Clinton has been asked by his soon-to-be wedded daughter to lose weight quickly -with the cabbage soup diet rumored to be his method of choice.

Clinton joints thousands of other desperate dieters as they need to shed fat and pounds quickly. According to many dietitians, one of the most popular approaches for rapid weight loss is the cabbage soup diet. Because people claim that weight loss in upwards of 10 pounds in a week is attainable, it's popularity soars -even as it gets consistently chided by doctors as unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

But that doesn't stop many people from sipping on soup for 7 days, as is most common in most cabbage soup diet plans.

Other Famous People Using the Cabbage Soup Diet

While a former US president turning to the cabbage soup diet may come as a surprise, Bill isn't alone in his alleged love for this approach.

Candice Bergen, formerly the star of the hit TV series Murphy Brown, has posted on her blog that she uses the cabbage soup diet not just for shedding fat, but as a cleanse as well. With the cabbage soup diet being highly regarded as a negative calorie diet, some see it as a version of a fast.

Hard-hitting, trash talking star of the Biggest Loser, Jillian Michaels, has also expressed her support for the principles behind the cabbage soup diet. While not endorsing the diet explicitly, Michaels has reportedly backed the volumetrics diet -a weight loss plan very similar to the cabbage soup diet.

Award wining actress Jaime Pressly has stated publicly that the turns to the cabbage soup diet when she wants to look her best for a star-studded red carpet event.

Celebrity Tag Team Denounces Fad Diets Like The Cabbage Soup Diet

But that doesn't mean everyone in Hollywood preaches the benefits of this approach. Probably the most famous doctor in the world, Dr. Oz, has written in books and claimed in interviews that very low calorie diets like the cabbage soup diet are only good for temporary results.

In his hit book, You On a Diet, he claims that the concepts of extreme temporary diets are flawed, and that the weight is most likely to come back over time.

Dr. Oz's partner, Oprah Winfrey has also come out to decry the use of quick-fix approaches to weight loss. After years of her public battles with her weight, Oprah and her personal trainer Bob Greene, stick to more sustainable methods.

Cabbage Soup Diet Leaves Experts On The Fence

Behind the scenes, top-notch physicians and nutritionists work hard to bury the popularity of this program. Jason Feldman, MS, RD sums up his field's view on the diet.

“The cabbage soup diet, while giving people the results they want in a short period of time, is far from ideal and most people lose precious muscle mass and very little fat”. Despite what certain celebrities may say, steer clear of the cabbage soup diet”, Feldman warns.

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