Next Generation Digital Delivery STR3EM Ecosystem Replaces DVD And Blu-Ray

STR3EM’s installed user base of over 1 billion machines worldwide presents exciting opportunities for content providers.

Online PR News – 29-May-2010 – – STR3EM, a multimedia delivery system for the PC and the web, presents exciting opportunities for global content providers. Designed to work with any machine running the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and currently available on Microsoft Windows, STR3EM nets a distribution platform of over 1 billion compatible machines worldwide.

Following in the tradition of optical media, STR3EM features a built-in automated royalty system, as well as a patented access rights system and format infrastructure. In addition, an influx of set-top-box and custom machines designed to play STR3EM media presents expanded opportunities for licensing with hardware manufacturers.

Utilizing an application that converts a home computer into a retail entertainment machine, STR3EM allows content providers to distribute video and music products electronically in a single file, offering quality equal to a retail CD, DVD, or Blu-ray. Through integration with Facebook® Connect consumers can access commercial files and other streaming locations within the Ecosystem on any compatible machine simply by logging in with their Facebook username and password.

Compatible format distribution methods include:

• Web Servers and CDN
• Bittorrent
• Optical Media
• Flash Media
• Portable Hard Drives

In addition to a patented commercial file format with applications in the motion picture and music industries, television, pay-per-view, and higher education, STR3EM utilizes a classified level of AES encryption to protect multimedia for governments and corporations.

A KodeKey Password System allows content providers to control unit inventories by generating and selling password lists to retailers, and presents the opportunity to sell wholesale similar to physical optical disc products. KodeKey provides automated licensing and billing managed completely by Amazon Web Services. This solution provides access management to STR3EM products by facilitating three types of retail products:

1) Purchase-to-own
2) 1-7 day rentals
3) Memberships

Variable data printing products that are compatible with KodeKey distribution include magazines and newspapers, retail cards and hangers, and paper printing in-store kiosks.

Products redeemed with a KodeKey are branded with the user’s electronic ID for access across unlimited compatible machines and devices. For sensitive and classified video, a Screener Mode provides a secure playback environment by only providing access to friends listed in the content provider’s Facebook account. Upon playback, the user’s name is watermarked on the video window, and only a single mouse click to the top or bottom of the video window can close it. Screener Mode disables all keyboard functions and will only operate in full-screen view.

For highly sensitive material, STR3EM offers super-strong 1,344,000-bit key certificates. With KKEYCERT Password Certificates, users are required to load a KKEYCERT before material can be accessed after entering a KodeKey Password. With each new STR3EM created, a unique certificate can be generated.

About The STR3EM Team

The STR3EM Team, a registered Amazon Web Services Solutions Provider, offers a turnkey next generation media delivery solution for professional content providers worldwide. The premier delivery platform provides content providers with flexibility in controlling digital content retail, and provides consumers with in-home delivery of authentic retail CD, DVD, and Blu-ray products. The STR3EM Team is a privately held company with headquarters in New York, USA. To learn more, visit

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