i*Sunglasses Range Of Interchangeable Motorcycle Eyewear Expanded

i*Sunglasses have announced expansion of their interchangeable motorcycle sunglasses and goggles range.

Online PR News – 29-May-2010 – – Choosing the right type of motorcycle eyewear can be difficult, not only do you have the weather to consider, but also the issue of wearing motorcycle sunglasses or motorcycle goggles.

Interchangeable lenses provide an affordable solution to this problem. I*Sunglasses, a leading global retailer of sunglasses have recognised this problem and reacted to it by expanding their range of interchangeable motorcycle eyewear.

Taking the weather and light conditions into account i*Sunglasses provide three lens sets with each order; grey smoke lenses for bright sunny days, yellow lenses to improve contrast and depth perception on flat light days and clear lenses to improve visuality in very dull conditions.

Photochromic motorcycle sunglasses and goggles are also proving very popular in the spring and summer seasons due to them reacting automatically to the available sunlight.

On overcast days the photochromic lens tints are medium to light. On sunny days they darken to a comfortable sunglasses tint and when you go inside, they lighten up. Since they darken and lighten in response to the amount of sunlight you can wear them from dawn to dusk and never have to take them off.

Expect more in the way of expansion over the coming months throughout the i*Sunglasses range, for more information please visit http://www.i-sunglasses.com/Motorcycle+Eyewear/Photochromic.htm .

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