GoldKey USB Security Token Secures Windows 7 Log-in

GoldKey® Unveils Integrated Multi-Factor Authentication for Securing Windows 7 User Account Log-in

Online PR News – 29-May-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Independence, MO – May 28, 2010 – GoldKey Security Corporation today announced a new capability of its USB Security Token that will allow users to add multi-factor authentication to Windows 7 user account log-in.

Many users rely on password-only security to protect access to the files and information stored on their computer. This level of security is susceptible to brute force attacks, which according to recent studies, the average time required for current technology to compromise an alphanumeric Windows user account password is a matter of seconds.*

GoldKey replaces the traditional user account password with a hardware generated random character string, which is encrypted with strong AES encryption. Without connecting GoldKey to a USB port and supplying the proper PIN, the user account is effectively inaccessible.

In addition to securing the Windows 7 log-in, GoldKey utilizes hardware-enabled 256-bit AES encryption to protect folders and files stored on the local hard disk and elsewhere. Other capabilities of GoldKey’s USB Security Token include encryption of email and attachments, integrated smart card functionality for certificate-based authentication, and secure access of KryptoVault Cloud Storage.

GoldKey employs revolutionary patent-pending HSP technology to deliver a hierarchal token management system. This technology grants organizational flexibility and efficiency by using Master and GrandMaster Tokens to provide tiered access to encrypted data and protected Windows 7 user accounts. The Master and GrandMaster architecture allows for the provisioning of user groups, enabling users to carry a single GoldKey which extends federated access to the files and user accounts for which they are authorized.

About GoldKey Security Corporation
GoldKey Security Corporation specializes in providing advanced security solutions to government, financial institutions, and other organizations with mission critical data to protect. The GoldKey system provides customers with an Internet-enabled, enterprise-ready platform for securing cloud-based data storage and access. GoldKey’s patent pending HSP technology delivers a tiered architecture that enables organizational flexibility and efficiency, while minimizing data loss. GoldKey Security Tokens are deployed worldwide, with users in over 27 countries.

*Source: CNET News, Cracking Windows passwords in seconds