Bay Marketing Florida Insurance Agents Announce Free Advice for Confusion in Health Care

In the face of confusion surrounding recent changes pertaining to health care, Bay Marketing Florida agents are offering free advice to help clear confusion in health care and insurance policy shifts for Tampa, Sarasota, Ft. Myers, Lakeland health insurance clients.

Online PR News – 29-July-2009 – – Bay Marketing Insurance of Florida is equipped with knowledgeable agents who help to find affordable Blue Cross Blue Shield plans for residents of Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota and Ft. Myers. Health insurance is a key component of a comprehensive health plan, and no one understands this better than the friendly, experienced agents at Bay Marketing Insurance. Bay Marketing, a contracted general agency with offices in Tampa, Lakeland, Sarasota and Ft. Myers, has represented Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida for the past 20+ years. In the face of confusion surrounding recent changes pertaining to health care reform, insurance, Medicare, etc., the agents of Bay Marketing are staying abreast of all health care and insurance policy shifts in an effort to help customers seeking Tampa health insurance, for example, make informed decisions.

Bay Marketing's four convenient locations make it easy for Florida residents seeking Tampa, Lakeland, Fort Myers, or Sarasota health insurance plans to have access to excellent insurance resources right in their local area. All of the Bay Marketing offices have dedicated administrative staff, many of whom have been with the organization for more than 20 years. This equates to a vast number of years of combined experience between administrative staff and agents alike. As a result, the seasoned personnel at Bay Marketing Insurance have ridden the tide of change that has stemmed from new laws and policies which govern the industries of health care and insurance. Their expertise makes these agents valuable assets to the average citizen sifting through Sarasota health plans, for example, and finding themselves overwhelmed with the fine print, red tape, laws and bylaws that so often accompany their explanations of benefits and coverage.

In working with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida, the agents at Bay Marketing are commited to making sure customers get the very best level of service - and a large portion of that service has to do with ensuring their customers are educated about current policies pertaining to insurance that have risen from recent health care reform strategies. The health care and insurance industries are constantly in flux, and Bay Marketing agents consider it to be a crucial part of their job to help their customers adapt easily to such dynamics. Bay Marketing has a large selection of coverage options, comprised of more than 100 Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance plans. This array of options may be dizzying to the average Tampa health insurance applicant, but their Bay Marketing agent is there every step of the way to ensure that the customer is matched up with one of the very best Tampa health plans for their lifestyle.

The Bay Marketing company logo is the old fashioned handshake. The symbol of the handshake illustrates the pride that the organization takes in doing business that incorporates a personal touch, as well as state-of-the-art technology and up-to-the-minute industry expertise, that brings customers seeking Sarasota, Tampa, Ft. Myers and Lakeland health insurance plans the level of service and product that satisfies their needs and budget.

Florida residents seeking Tampa health plans, Lakeland health plans, Sarastota health plans, and Fort Myers health insurance can visit Bay Marketing insurance on the web at, or call 800-330-3598.