Internet Marketer with over 13 years of online marketing experience shares his Internet Marketing Secrets to help his local community

Mark Kreyman, an Internet Marketer with over 13 years of online marketing experience, is sharing his internet marketing secrets and providing free training in order to help struggling small business owners in his local community in Denver Metro area.

Online PR News – 29-July-2009 – – Through his website, Kreyman offers instant access to his free video that contains 7 secrets for internet marketing success. All you have to do is log on to the website, fill in the form with your first name and email address and the Free “Internet Marketing for Small Business Owners” video access will be mailed to you. According to Kreyman, in this video you will find “the number one secret most business owners will never know about generating leads and making money on the internet.” This secret, he adds “works in any economy…no matter your competition, location or whether or not you’ve ever marketed on the internet before.” Kreyman argues that one doesn’t have to be a Harvard MBA, a technical genius nor have $1000 in your advertising budget to be able to figure these secrets out. They are all no-brainers!

Kreyman’s 7 internet marketing secrets include:

- How to create a real “direct response” site in order to generate leads without incurring too much costs;

- How to “bait” people into giving you their information for purposes of follow up;

- Reasons why you should never allow a designer to create your website (it will end up collecting “digital dust”!);

- How to get your clients to pay you every single month;

- An exclusive case study of the 3 worst websites and why they are making losses you should avoid;

- Case studies into 3 successful websites when it comes to generating leads; and

- The greatest secret of all - what you must include on your website in order to grab the attention of your prospects.

Along with the free DVD, there’s an email coaching club to provide weekly training videos, articles and resources to help business owners build their online presence.

Kreyman says that “most people are 'stuck' in old ways of marketing. They think the internet is a place to watch YouTube videos and check email.” Fortunately, Mark Kreyman is a man who is out to change all that.

About iRecommend.Biz LLC:
Mark Kreyman and his consulting company iRecommend.Biz LLC teaches small business owners how to get discovered by more and better prospects. For more information about Mark Kreyman and his training program and video visit: