The Lice Place Launches Its New Website

The Lice Place is a safe and effective way to remove head lice and nits and to keep your safe from infestations. You can purchase products online or visit one of their salons closest to you.

Online PR News – 20-May-2013 – Houston, Texas – Anyone who has kids in school, sports or camps, more than likely they've been subjected to that four letter word L-I-C-E. Lice, those six legged pests that are able to thrive by becoming attached to the scalp can cause a complete upheaval in a home. To the rescue, The Lice Place! They are not out to reduce lice infestations, they are out to destroy them!

Since its inception, The Lice Place has grown by leaps and bounds, working to alleviate lice problems and offer an affordable, non-toxic remedy to the problem. Through The Lice Place many parents have gained the affordable lice removal services and peace of mind knowing that their family and home is lice free.

Schools today offer many opportunities where students have close contact with their classmates. These situations can lead to an increased chance of the spread of lice. The fact that today’s lice have also become increasingly resistant to pediculicides makes the problem even more serious. The professional staff at The Lice Place have been working for years to ease parent concerns and provide them with the assistance needed to resolve any infestation dilemmas.

The Lice Place has seen a significant increase in the number of cases where parents have treated their children with a lice removal shampoo product under the recommendation from their doctor. Unfortunately, lice have become more resistant to these products and children are unknowingly passing these tiny bugs onto their friends. Through the new Lice Place website families can order products online, learn more about the best lice removal techniques and even schedule appointments to visit in person.

“School nurses are so happy when they know their students have been to one of our head lice and nit removal treatment centers. Their confidence in our ability to get rid of the lice is evidenced by the fact that many won’t even check the student when they return to school after our treatment – because they know we got rid of the lice!” Penny Warner, BSN, RN- Owner of The Lice Place.

Parents who are concerned that their children have developed a lice problem can contact the professionals at The Lice Place right away for an affordable and effective solution. They also offer online products that can be purchased to remove the lice at home. The Lice Place offers a safe, one time treatment that uses no toxins or pesticides. It also provides the guidance needed to prevent an infestation from recurring. Its mission is to give its customers the necessary assistance to keep families lice free.

About The Lice Place:

The Lice Place offers safe and effective treatments to keep lice not only away from families and home but from spreading from child to child at school, camps and sports.

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