RNCOS Releases a New Report - Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)” to its report gallery. The report provides extensive research on the global CCTV market.

Online PR News – 28-May-2010 – – RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)” to its report gallery. The CCTV/video surveillance market has been witnessing exponential growth for past few years on the rising concerns for security and safety across the globe. This, in turn, has been resulting in huge growth opportunities for CCTV manufacturers, operators and distributors. The global CCTV market is projected to reach around US$ 28 Billion by the end of 2013, at a CAGR of over 22% from 2010. This growth rate clearly indicates that the global market has immense potential in this field. Our research provides in-depth and coherent analysis of the CCTV market worldwide to help clients understand the future market developments and trends across the globe. The report also gives reason-based analysis of present and future market outlook of the CCTV market in different geographical regions.

The report discusses key CCTV market profiles of Latin America and Middle East. Various countries have also been analyzed in the report such as the US, UK, Canada, Italy, Germany, Russia, China, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, India and Brazil. We have chosen these countries for our study on the basis of current market trends and future growth potential.

As per our report “Global CCTV Market Analysis (2008-2012)”, the analogue CCTV market currently dominates the global CCTV market, but the scenario will change by the end of 2013. In future, network IP technology will emerge as the leading CCTV technology. Various factors that will drive the IP technology market in coming times have also been covered in the report. It also details the potential growth areas for the CCTV market along with the major roadblocks. Sectors like retail, transportation and healthcare have immense potential to drive the growth of the CCTV market. Moreover, government initiatives in various countries are also expected to give a significant impetus to the market growth.

The report provides extensive information and rational analysis on the global CCTV market and emerging trends in the industry. It gives an insight of the trends prevailing in all the countries covered along with the technology and region-wise segmentation of the CCTV market across the globe. Analysis and statistics regarding market size, growth and trends in technology developments have also been thoroughly studied to give comprehensive overview of the market.

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